Sunday, November 17, 2013

an attitude of gratitude this night;

my heart is so full right now.
i don't think i say that very often.
tonight was so special to me. not only did i have the chance to have dinner with my mission president and his wife, along with one of my dear mission companions, i also had the chance to skype my mission "mom" (aka trainer) and her cute little family. 
i must be doing something right lately to be so privileged. 

yesterday afternoon, i received a voicemail from my mission president extending an invitation to kersti (sister spjut) and i to come visit with them. 
i loved listening to that voicemail and actually listened to it twice, silently giggling to myself and going, "oh president." 
everything about that voicemail was so president nelson and it made me miss him so much. 
after discussing with kersti about what time would work best, i called president nelson and ahh, i just love talking to that man. 
we set up an appointment for tonight and i remember all through church i couldn't stop thinking about how excited i was!

kersti came to my house and we drove my car up to kaysville.
i particularly enjoy long drives with this companion of mine because its precious time that we get to catch up with each other or just talk about mission memories and laugh a ton.
we pulled up to the nelson home and being in a car together and pulling up to our mission president's house just made us want to pray before going in - just like we would always do before each appointment on the mission hahaha. 
you can see where this is going huh - the whole night was just filled with one mission memory after another.

president nelson opened the door and the happiness on his face that came from deep down inside really warmed my heart. he was so glad to see us! 
he welcomed us in and we exchanged our greetings with warm hugs.
sister nelson even remembered our first names without needing any help :)
we had breakfast for dinner and so it took me down memory lane again to the two breakfasts i had had in the mission home. 
we washed our hands so we could help cut the strawberries. 
as we were washing our hands, president nelson was having some issues flipping the pancakes and those noises that came out of his mouth, "ooh, ahh, ow" just made me laugh and go "oh president." 
sister nelson asked us questions about our life while we finished the final preparations for dinner. 
and then president nelson asked us, "are you hungry enough for some triangle toast, except that they're round." kersti and i were confused for a second but then we realized that he was talking about a mission memory. on our mission, we always had the triangle toast at the mission home and he would always let us help out with breakfast by having us slice the triangle toast with his fancy bread slicer haha. 

and then as we were setting the table, president nelson looked at us and was like, "i'm so happy i just want to give you both a hug" and proceeded to do so. it made me go aww as well as think, "why didn't we do this sooner/before?"
dinner was amazing!
although we were only there for an hour and a half, the conversations we had were so meaningful and better than any conversations i've had in a long long time. 
president asked us great questions as usual - questions that you really have to think about before answering.
and they always give us the greatest advice and we're always grateful for their willingness to share their opinions and experiences with us.
i won't share too much about our conversations but i will honestly keep those things close to my heart and make sure to write them in my journal. 
i wish we could have just kept going on all night and i know that president definitely felt the same too. 
at the end of the night he was like, "well, if you ever need a blessing or anything, you know who to call" and that just brought so much comfort to me to know that he loves us so much to extend such an offer. 
it was an amazing amazing night and words cannot express enough how much i love and respect this couple and how much i miss the mission. 
we definitely need to see them more often. 
three of my favorite people in one photo <3 
i miss zone conferences

to top the night off, i was able to come home and skype vicki prince!
actually, i got to skype the whole prince family although dallan did fall asleep pretty quick hehe.
that baby boy is getting so tall and he is just the cutest.
skyping vicki was awesome because we hadn't skyped since before she had dallan and it just made me miss her so so so much!
when we're together, we just laugh and laugh non-stop and have endless things to talk about. 
i remember going on exchange with her once after we had been separated as companions and we chatted for a long time lying in bed that night because we just had so much to talk about. she's seriously the best trainer ever!
and since our personalities are so similar, i can totally understand her reactions to a lot of situations and i just love it!
right as we started the skype call, vicki was like, "baby, baby, come here" hehe. i love how the first time i met ty was through skype and the first time i met baby dallan was through skype too haha. oh how grateful i am for technology like that!
baby dallan fell asleep (vicki was like, "am i talking really monotone? normally he doesn't fall asleep on his own like that") and then i had this beauty all to myself haha

it has been a good good night and i hope nights like these will keep happening :)
goodnight world. let's all count our blessings more this new week ahead.


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