Wednesday, November 6, 2013

men are that they might have joy;

"be happy and have joy therein"
this stuck out to me during the temple session that i did last friday night and i can't stop thinking about it. in fact, i think heavenly father has been trying to remind me of that message for a really long time now. i've heard it over and over again so many times over the past few months but yet i've never really let it sink in.

if you're aware of what's going on in my life, you'll know that i have been extremely unlucky/had a lot of trials this year and it's come to a point where when something bad happens to me, i just accept it so naturally because it's become quite the norm for me. i just really felt like everything in my life was breaking and that's all. 
so i've just been in the most pessimistic state for a long time and when this message hit me, i made a decision to just always think happy thoughts, even when i want to sink into deep sorrow because i feel like that's an escape and it makes things easier cause i don't have to deal with it. 

and this is probably going to sound super nerdy but today as i was sitting at my desk, half an hour past the time to go home, i pondered on the successes i've had at work lately (projects and things that have been six months or more in the making) that have started to flourish and grow fruit. as i did so, i felt an overwhelming feeling of joy and satisfaction (feelings i haven't felt in a very long time).

6 months ago, one of the senior account managers at work left and as a result, i was given a whole bunch of really important projects that i had to pretty much oversee on my own.
i had not been involved with these projects from the beginning so i had to learn it all and be super familiar with the strategy, etc. even though i was coming in at the middle of it all and was in fact super lost.
i worked hard and spent a lot a lot of time reading old emails, documents, recorded conversations, etc. and then last month, we launched an amazing internal communication site for one of our major clients (rio tinto kennecott). and we've heard nothing but praise for the new site and it has been such an effective communications tool!

on top of that, we finally finalized and printed tour brochures for the facilities so our tour program is really kicking off with tour kits, tour water bottles, USBs, etc. 
we've also been involved with rebranding the company from kennecott utah copper to rio tinto kennecott and everything has gone so well.
also, since the april 10 landslide that happened at the mine, we've recovered so much and have become a trusted source for the media with our press conferences and media updates and as i saw our press conference story on the front page of KSL today, i felt so proud of it all because i'm truly proud of our client. i've truly become a loyal fan of this corporation and that makes working with them and sharing their stories such a joy. 

and of course, the reward does not just lie in the end product. throughout this process of working on these projects, i've built up an amazing relationship with my clients and i'm so grateful i have such great clients.
i work very closely with the digital communications specialist at kennecott for internal communications and social media and since we're both the same age, we've built such an amazing rapport and relationship that i feel like we're young professional friends that, outside of work, also enjoy having lunch together or talking about our weekend vacations. and in fact, she's being awarded young professional communicator of the year: and i'm really excited cause i get to go to the awards ceremony with her to celebrate her accomplishment and also receive our golden spike awards for projects which we worked on together (crisis communication management, social media, etc). it's been such an amazing journey and i'm excited for more good work to come as a result of our collaboration :)

so yeah, that's my little happy post for today haha. i don't talk about my work a lot but anyone who asks me "how's work" will know that i always answer, "it's so great. i love my job so much!" and i mean that with all my heart because i really have the best working environment with the best coworkers and best boss ever! we're like a family! recently, i've also been getting more responsibilities at work and it's been a great learning process. we are working on some campaigns for next year and i've never been that involved in the ad process so it's been a steep learning curve but i love it. in fact, i've learned so much from this past year of working at PPBH, sometimes i myself am shocked when i actually know certain things and when i think back on my first day of work, i was nothing but a fresh grad who really didn't know anything hahaha. 

for all of you who made it through my last sad sad, chinese filled post, i commend you. really. although that situation hasn't gotten any better, through many mornings and nights on my knees in prayer, i feel like i have a better direction now. also, at institute tonight, we talked about how our testimony in the family proclamation helps us to hold on because we believe that building a successful relationship and starting a family is what will ultimately lead us to happiness - the design of God's plan. we are not to give up. i'm really grateful for the person who gave the closing prayer and gave thanks for the stage of life we're in. yes, it would be nice to be happily married to my best friend but at the same time, i need to appreciate this very moment and be grateful for the time to really develop myself. we also touched on the topic of vulnerability. a lot of the whole dating game is painful because we feel vulnerable (having to put ourselves out there over and over again) and so when we feel hurt, we build up walls around ourselves. however, i like what was said tonight - vulnerability allows us to connect and build relationships. it is okay to be vulnerable. there is power in vulnerability. 

anyway, i should get to bed. i've had enough thinking for the night haha.
to end off this post, here's life lately as told by my photos:

i love you all.


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