Monday, December 9, 2013

santa baby;

ah yes, i was supposed to post the second entry of my dating-related posts on saturday but i got caught up with other stuff and then yesterday was crazy busy too so i will post it... tomorrow haha. 
i was going to post it tonight but then i want to blog about last night's christmas party first because it's a timely affair haha. 
so yes, just wait one more day! seems like a lot of people read the last post so that's a good thing. as my friend said, "spread the awareness" haha. to me, those things are common sense but while i was talking to another friend, she mentioned that sometimes people don't realize that they're doing those things and that it is not okay. 

anyway, on to happier things for now.
it snowed a ton on saturday and so i stayed indoors, wrote christmas cards, caught up on my shows and prepped for my christmas party last night. it was a lovely day!
and then yesterday, woke up early to finish up preparing the treats and then went to church!
shandy gave her farewell talk yesterday and the spirit was so strong! she's going to be an amazing missionary. i especially liked the story she told about how when she taught kindergarten, one of the boys in her class messed up his painting three times and then proceeded to run out of the classroom crying after he spilled yellow paint all over himself on his third try. shandy felt prompted to leave her classroom of kids to go find him and when she found him, he said, "teacher, why did you come for me? i thought you wouldn't want me anymore because i messed up so bad." this taught her about the Savior's love for us. no matter how much we mess up, he will always leave his 99 sheep and come looking for us. 

so church was awesome and then after church we headed over to the conference center for the christmas devotional. we got a bunch of tickets and so we went with my mission friends and it was fun to see everyone! it was super cold!!!
the christmas devotional was good. i'm not a fan of the new format just cause i love hearing from all the members of the first presidency but there must be a reason why they changed it so...
there was a pretty christmas tree in the conference center. the wind was blowing in from the doors and so everyone was like, "hurry hurry, so cold so cold" hahaha

after the devotional, everyone came to my house for christmas treats and hot chocolate.
we had a few things to finish prepping so we put our guests to work with the gingerbread houses hahaha. it was so funny listening to them try to figure everything out, which by the way took forever haha.
three engineers and they couldn't even agree on anything hahaha. 
when i questioned them why they were taking so long, they said, "we decided that we're just going to eat all the candy instead" haha. silly kids. 

well, thankfully, we finally finished prepping and saved them from their misery haha.
 rice krispie christmas tree // strawberry santas
 banana poke cake
roasted hazelnut hot chocolate. i loved using the fancy disposable cups cause people could easily take some hot chocolate with them for their drive home :) 
hot chocolate toppings 
our table of goodies complete with cute santa belt and snowman plates
we were all probably starving since the devotional was at an odd time and we had to be there early plus incorporate drive time so no one had dinner
DIY hot chocolate

after we got done with our treats, we decided to play the name game (our favorite game to play as of late) and it was super interesting haha. 
normally when we play this game, it gets super confusing and everyone takes a long time to guess what name everyone chose. 
but, maybe because we all know each other so well, we finished round after round super quickly haha (it took a longer time toward the end but the first few rounds were ridiculously fast haha). and every single round, alice would always get preston right on the first try and so he basically never had the chance to guess individually hahaha. it was super funny cause he was like, 'this game is not fun' haha. it just wasn't fun for him alone haha. 
 only marcus is thinking hard about the game haha
steven and rissa became a team and were very serious about their guesses hahaha

and then it was getting late and so i said "let's do pictures and then everyone can drive home."
well, my picture-taking sessions always take forever and when we got done like half an hour later, someone said, "i forgot how long these take" hahaha gotta love my friends who let me do this to them.
family-ish shot 
and then the real us haha. p.s. i love steven's home alone expression hahaha!
and then i don't know who suggested these train shots hahaha. absolutely hilarious but we do love each other. 
gotta love my boys!
massage break in between photos hahaha
kissing under the mistletoe haha. love them!
while we were playing the name game, one of the animals chosen was ostrich and alice didn't know what an ostrich was and so we all made this sign to explain it to her and thus this photo hahaha

 for party favors, i made these cute "root deers" for each person and so here's them posing with it:
these boys take the silliest photos haha 
yay for a successful party! 
here's a close shot of the root deers

it was such a fun night and i definitely love throwing parties. especially holiday parties. 
and, i just realized that i haven't done a party since like july. that was when i had my cherry gingham korean food party. 
time passes so fast and we're already in december and soon it will be new year's! 2014 here we come. 
well well, i'm excited for the rest of the holiday season and for the rest of the holiday parties. the PPBH one is next thursday and we the planning committee have yet to meet on it (oops) but we are doing so this wednesday haha. i'm sure it'll be fun!
happy holidays everyone and i hope you spend lots of time with close friends and family!



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