Thursday, December 5, 2013

thanksgiving break;

thanksgiving was a week ago! how time flies.
and now christmas is only 20 days away! that seriously blows my mind! since thanksgiving was a week later this year, i'm seriously behind on all my christmas shopping and christmas cards! i kept thinking christmas was still awhile away but i was wrong.
now i'm frantically writing my christmas cards haha. i just mailed out 4 today. 4 down, 29 to go. omg. i think i'm going to be home all weekend writing christmas cards haha. you must be thinking why it would take me such a long time. well, let me just say that i always have to write long long messages (i don't like the short messages that just feel so insincere) and therefore i take forever. the end haha. 

thanksgiving break was really good!
we wanted to take a trip to cali for some disney magic but it didn't work out and we ended up staying in utah. for some strange reason i just kept feeling like we should just stay and so when we did, i felt good. yeah, some disney magic would have been amazing but everything about that 10 hours drive (x2) makes me feel exhausted immediately and then i take forever to recover from the trip. 

thanksgiving week i was just distracted in general and couldn't work very well haha. 
the feasting basically started on tuesday. we hadn't been to buffalo wild wings in a long time and since rissa didn't have to work on wednesday, we decided to go to wing tuesday! invited a bunch of friends to join us and jarell couldn't make it last minute so it ended up being a girls' night+branon haha. he's such a good sport. wing tuesday is always good as usual. i love my asian zing wings! it also reminded me of pre-NY days when my friends and i used to go there all the time on wing tuesdays hahaha. 
wings galore 
we made branon stand in the front cause he has the darkest skin and so the flash doesn't make his face look white like a ghost (like it does to the rest of us haha) 
i've been trying to incorporate at least one funny shot among all my other photos when i go out with my friends now cause it adds fun to the posed, smiley faces we see all the time. 

on wednesday, it was a half day for me at work and i was crazy crazy busy! we had a bowlfet (bowling and all-you-can-eat pizza buffet) planned for 3 p.m. and even at 2:55 p.m. i was still getting client emails/requests haha. so i didn't make it over to the bowlfet till like 3:30 p.m. and man, they were so slow with serving the food this year. i was absolutely starving cause i didn't eat lunch in preparation for the buffet and they probably didn't bring the food out till like close to 4 p.m. no good. 
anyway, we basically overdosed on soda, pizza and breadsticks and had a lot of fun bowling while on a sugar high hahaha. clayton, mitch and rachel were in my lane and omg, i sucked so bad the first round but managed to redeem myself on the second round hahaha. i think i need to go bowling more often. it is a lot of fun after all. 
the beer drinking table haha 
look at my cute boss 
everytime i had one pin on the right and one pin on the left, mike would go, "i'll give you $100 if you can hit them both" 
breadsticks and salad! the breadsticks are so filling and the salad had so much cheese hahaha. 
rachel tried to capture my victory face after a strike and i didn't realize what she was doing so i made this face hahaha 
bowling bowling 
this lane tried something called slow bowling where you have to roll your ball real slow and the goal is to hit at least one pin hahaha. alli actually managed to hit quite a few pins hahaha.
everyone watching closely as jarom went in for a strike haha

and then on wednesday night, rissa and i headed over to the cinema to watch frozen!
it was SO CUTE! so when i first saw the trailers for frozen, i was not impressed at all cause i thought it was about a moose and a snowman and i was like, 'really?' but then i found out what the real story was and decided to go see it since i'm such a disney fanatic. 
omg, loved it and am absolutely in love with the soundtrack.
it is like the perfect holiday movie too with all the snow effects. perfect perfect perfect for the winter - which by the way, it is freezing now after our first crazy snow storm on tuesday.
the weather was so nice over thanksgiving break the winter kind of took me by surprise hahaha. 

thursday, we tried to sleep in (but were woken up by my roommate blasting her christmas music bright and early - seriously). 
since i was awake, i decided to go to the gym to workout before stuffing my face silly.
came home, washed up and then got ready for thanksgiving dinner. 
we had thanksgiving dinner at the chans' and dinner started early so we were done with dinner by like 6 ish and then proceeded to play games for 5 over hours haha. learned how to play bang and this new name game that was super fun and so it was a good night. and then at 11:45 we set off for black friday shopping. rissa and i were flat tires by 2:30 a.m. so we headed home to sleep. old already, no more energy for this haha.
everything was really good! i had a few plates hahaha. 
everyone all set and ready to eat hahaha 
ariel and angela playing some rollercoaster game hahaha 
the last two (besides the sheriff) standing in the second round of bang haha. keith, why so serious?

black friday i didn't get to sleep in again.
was woken up by a phone call sigh. 
since i couldn't go back to sleep, i woke up and got ready instead to go meet maggie and baby hattie.
we went to this cute little cupcake shop called one sweet slice in sandy and it was the cutest little place and the cupcakes were good! and of course, it was so nice to meet baby hattie and catch up with magpie. 
and then i ended the night off with more shopping at city creek hahaha. such a shopaholic. 
i got the pumpkin spice cupcake and mag got the chocolate raspberry
she had just woken up from her nap and had no interest in photos with me hahaha 
baby hattie looks so much like maggie! i got her this cute dress from carters and omg, she looks absolutely adorable in it!

saturday was super chill.
basically slept in, lazed around, cooked lunch, got ready and then went car shopping!
getting the car took forever! 3 hours! much longer than expected and so we ended up getting to our dinner party super late but we still managed to spend some time playing games with our friends so that was fun. 
ANYWAY, presenting to you my hot new wheels:
just in time for this horrible winter. it already looks ten times uglier cause of the crazy snow storm we had on tuesday :( thank goodness i took all these photos on sunday!

and so that was my thanksgiving break!
my next break is christmas and my parents will be in town so i'm looking forward to that! we'll be hitting up cali and vegas too so that will be fun!

other than that, life is going well and i'm keeping busy at work trying to get things in place for campaigns starting in january - ads, video and photo shoots, etc. busy busy busy but good cause people get in the holiday mood at this time of the year and can be easily distracted if not kept busy. 

so, over the past few months my friends and i have had hilarious conversations about dating and it gave me some ideas for blogging. i decided that i'm going to start blogging about some dating-related topics. i think it'll be a funny read that will be easy to relate to. 
the first two i have planned are: 1) how to be a good single friend to your friends who are in relationships and 2) how should friends who have significant others treat their single friends/what not to do around these single friends. think about these questions and see if what i blog about matches your thoughts. get excited haha!

alright it's getting late and i'm off to bed. it's friday tomorrow. yay yay yay! have a good weekend everyone!


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