Tuesday, January 21, 2014

memory becomes your partner;

i'm at home with an upset stomach today.
haven't been feeling well since saturday night but i dragged myself to work yesterday since i had to make sure our RFP got sent off.
i didn't feel horrible while i was at work and even went out for fish tacos with rachel for lunch. 
however, after lunch, my stomach started to feel a little weird and then it was hurting right before dinner and then once i was done with dinner, bam, i felt like i was having contractions and was basically moaning in pain while we were picking some stuff up at walmart last night. 
came home, ate medicine and proceeded to just lie on my bed without moving and that helped quite a bit. 

anyway, decided to stay in today and get some rest.
so just yesterday, my jc friends and i were chatting about our jc school days haha.
we chat on whatsapp almost everyday and so it basically feels like we're back in school seeing each other every day.
we chatted about jc memories and laughed about the silly things we did at 18 years old and how we must have thought we were so mature since we were 18 and legal haha. 
this made me want to dig up our old photos and so that's exactly what i did this afternoon haha. 
there are a lot of embarrassing photos but they really capture the essence of that moment and that's why i've always loved taking lots of photos. need to get back into the habit.
as we grow older, we don't take a lot of photos and we're always obsessed with making sure that each photo is picture perfect. 
we no longer bask in the moment of our youth and silly antics because we've become so insecure and cynical of things. in some ways, we become jaded.

so anyway, have fun while i take us on a little trip down memory lane.
i smiled and laughed as i digged up old photos, quotes, stories, etc. and so i hope reading this entry would bring a smile to your face too and that it'll remind you of the carefree moments you had with your friends in the past too.
jc 1 is kind of a blur in my mind but i remember that we spent lots of time studying in the reading room and also lots of time discussing/spotting our eye candies during our break times. 
we had a group notebook that we carried around and that we used to play a particular game (i'm not going to mention what game because it is extremely embarrassing). this is what wai had to say about it when we were in j2: "i think we played XX game like 100000000 times inside man. it makes us look so loser hahahaha but when you read it again it's really funny cause we ALWAYS used the same people (we would say almost the same thing every time it was our turn to fill up the names). oh wow, we had SO many different nicknames for random people around the school (and so many embarrassing eye candies that i refuse to talk about now, haha). it was really funny and we haven't done that in a lonnnnng long time. maybe we should try it 5 years down the road? haha"
fooling around during maths tutorial. honestly, we didn't listen much during class/lectures but studied a lot outside of class. and well, we all obtained pretty good results and so, that's that haha. i have to admit that the teachers in sa are terrible so i guess that's why we didn't bother listening too haha.  
this is the reading room we would study in and on many occasions, we would find ourselves distracted and crazy (as portrayed in this photo haha) 
besides the studying part, school was never miserable with these awesome friends of mine around. 
when you have to suffocate with a tie as part of your uniform everyday, you might as well use it as a photo prop too ;)
fooling around during our break

in j2, we moved to a new campus and with a new campus came new adventures (i guess?)
you would think that we would have stopped obsessing over our eye candies since we were no longer giggly year ones haha.
sorry to disappoint but we did still have our eye candies. but i have to say that we did upgrade ourselves a little. instead of focusing on so many different eye candies in the whole school, we narrowed it down to this one clique hahahahaha. we had a terribly embarrassing code name for them and the things we did to try to get their attention still cracks me up now hahaha. sitting behind them in the lecture theatre and dropping the eraser close to them on purpose so we would have an excuse to talk to them hahahahahaha.
i have to comment that we became less superficial in the sense that some of our eye candies actually fell into that category because we admired how good they were at school, for example, in literature. a guy who's amazing at literature - omg. i would get lost into those essays haha. okay, TMI. 

other bonding moments i enjoyed in j2:
1. haircut dates: i don't know when we started this but we got our haircuts done together several times that year and it was fun! we saw each other at school everyday and then when we went home, we would commence chatting on msn too and i found a conversation that we had regarding a haircut date haha: "hello what hair are you all cutting tomorrow? today was a super wasted day. i wanted to find a nice hairstyle to cut but to no avail. picky galz is a curse. i think i might go back to mushroom hair! hahaha, c'mon let's be mushrooms like the polka dot art in orchard." (p.s. we would often add "zx" to the end of certain words just for fun/to make fun of the way ah lians talk haha)
it doesn't look like i got my hair cut this time but yan yan definitely did haha 
i don't know how i didn't get yelled at for not putting my hair up but this was after one of our haircut dates as well 
this was post prelims when i must have been mad enough to get china doll bangs hahaha

2. drawing competitions: i don't know if we were too stressed studying but we would have drawing competitions and we would draw the randomest things like bobdog and who knows what else. to make things worse, we would force our teachers to vote on them (while we placed bets hahaha). i don't have any of the drawings but my fellow friends do and every time i see a bobdog i want to die laughing hahaha. 
3. clique blog: toward the end of our j2 year/post prelims/right before farewell assembly, we started this clique blog where we would post random things or certain hilarious memories that we wanted to remember - "haha i have an idea! why don't we all post like things we remember about our 2 years in jc seeing that we are growing older and we forget things so easily and our hair is turning white (need to dye). praying that lj does not close down or anything. we can look back and find a "refuge" in our previous memories in case we feel lost or forlorn in the future paths that we may take." thank goodness for livejournal, which no one uses anymore haha. we even had a name for our blog - palaciodeverano. don't ask me what it means hahaha. 
4. walking out to the bus stop/mrt station each day after school (it was quite a long walk) and stopping for mango puree at the bubble tea shop on the way out.
5. karaoke madness, hana kimi madness (right in the midst of our exams!), save money madness (when we would buy bread from swee heng bread shop outside the mrt station for break), neoprints madness, etc.
shoes again. and clearly, we still didn't really pay attention in lectures haha.
we always took neoprints when we went out hahaha
still using our ties as a photo prop 
being silly together at school events 
we especially enjoyed singing certain songs and even danced to said songs hahaha

and then one of my favorite memories from j2 was vday.
we were all single and decided that we would go out to town for dinner together.
we had gotten a couple of balloons each for vday presents at school (we bought some for each other and the boys in our class bought a balloon for each one of us) and so it was a very fun situation that night in a packed orchard road with couples:
(as told by sj) "our whole class was totally filled with balloons on that day!! such a happy sight and everyone was so so so wary of the fans. i remember during lit we were damn restless cause me and char wanted a balloon so badly so we said 'i buy one for you then you buy one for me' (this is what happens when you have no bf, not that i am complaining). then after lessons we totally DASHED all the way down. then the erpzx councillor on duty was yelling some stuff that i couldn't remember. WHEE. the balloons proved to be the most zor dang thing. we went to orchard road for dinner that night and we saw like at least 1000 couples on the road. but our dear balloons did our job for us. much to the annoyance of people around us, our drooping balloons kept smacking their behinds or sides. hahaha eat that, couples. some more since we are such fast walking galzx, it smacked at like 5 couples/sec. VERY EFFECTIVE. hahaha we kept laughing at how zor dang our balloons were."
said balloons haha. vday is coming up. if you're single, try it haha it's hilarious and very satisfying hahaha. 

there are so many other memories i could write about but i'm sure just judging by the stories i've already told, you know how silly and fun those days were. so carefree with no worries besides our major exams.
i'm such a sentimental person that sometimes i feel like i don't live in the moment enough.
i just want to say that i'm so glad to still be close to this group of friends of mine whose weirdness frequencies are on the same level as mine and who will always be there to be nonsensical with me hehe. 
i'm really looking forward to all the adventures with them when i get back. 5 days!

sometimes when i think about each one of us, i feel like i would never have guessed that i would be placed in this clique of friends because i'm so different from them. i'm kind of bitchy, more dramatic, girly, etc and every stereotype you would imagine a dancer in a clique would be haha. on the other hand, they're calm, super nice, realistic, not as materialistic as me, etc and yet they seriously welcomed me with open arms and never ever judge me. they're such a blessing in my life :)
they always supported me at all my dance concerts, etc.
we studied really hard hahaha 
i love how we have all these photos out on the field from our farewell assembly because we were such non-sporty girls hahaha. we tried to avoid PE as much as possible hahaha.

and to end things off, jc girls, as i was looking through our photos, i found a pose that we seriously did all the time that we need to recreate during my trip back this time haha. presenting to you, the kiam pa pose haha:

i love you girls!


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