Sunday, January 19, 2014

open wounds and an open heart;

i had the perfect weekend.
friday night was rough but then saturday, i woke up bright and early (my body doesn't let me sleep in anymore, sadly), did some thinking, showered, curled my hair, got ready and then drove to go meet jess and cheryl.
i've known jess and cheryl since we were little little girls and so we've been friends for as long as we can remember. 
cheryl recently returned back to school at byu after serving a mission in new york and so this was our first reunion in almost two years (i did see her a couple of times while she was on her mission).
we met up for lunch and ate at green panda and oh my, we had so so so much fun just chatting and laughing our heads off. i don't really even remember the things that we were talking about but i think we were making a lot of noise in the restaurant hahaha. 

after lunch, we headed over to the mall cause cheryl wanted to buy new jeans.
we shopped around and honestly just basked in the fact that we had each other's company.
after each getting some new clothes/shoes, we headed back to jess' apartment where we played mahjong and just continued chatting. 
we talked about friendships and how it is hard to maintain certain friendships with all the distance. however, we agreed that if effort is put in, that the distance didn't matter so much and that it's not hard to pick up where we left off.
distance is so hard but it is not impossible.
my plan was to just spend the afternoon down in provo and then not go home too late so we wouldn't have to drive in the dark but we ended up just playing mahjong for a long time, cooking chicken rice and cabbage soup for dinner and only leaving at 10:30 p.m. haha.

although i was exhausted when we reached home at midnight, i was tired with a smile on my face.
it made me think about how when you're with the friends/people you love, hanging out for 9 hours in a day can still seem too short and there are still endless topics left to talk about. 
it was a good way to keep my mind off unhappy things and a reminder from the Lord that i have yet many people who love/care a lot about me who deserve my time and my open heart. 
i'm eternally grateful for these girls who are always by my side. 
special shoutout also to my jc class clique friends who always take the time each day to chat over our whatsapp group chat. it's like we're all still in jc and like we all still see each other daily in classes. 
it was a refreshing change to the week i experienced and i'm ready for this next week ahead!
cheryl and i can't seem to coordinate when to make funny faces hahaha 
i hadn't played mahjong in forever and hahaha i didn't win much at all. must be my bad luck or maybe i was just too distracted by all the chatting 
LOVE HER. she cracks me up so bad 
cheryl and her random funny faces 
we made chicken rice while we played mahjong and had that for dinner. it was glorious and perfect, especially for a singaporean hangout haha 
chicken rice, cabbage soup and mahjong = an awesome girls' night haha

and then next weekend i'll be on an airplane on my way back to my favorite island - singapore!
have a good week everyone! goodnight!


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