Monday, January 13, 2014

the holidays;

hello! we're almost into the middle of the january and so i figured that it's time to update about the holidays.
the beginning of 2014 was extremely rough with crazy emotions (read: extremely homesick and crybaby and totally not me) and countless appointments to see different houses/apartments every night that just left me feeling lousy each night because i didn't like any of the places and it sucked away my whole night (no time to exercise made me feel extra lousy). 
well, last thursday, things started to turn around with one piece of really good news and then on friday, i booked my ticket to go home for chinese new year and that really made my spirits go up! it was good timing too because on wednesday i was just completely defeated and depressed and didn't know if i would feel happy again. 
anyway, we just have the housing issue left and then everything would be right in this world again. 
not going to think about that now since i can't really control the situation. 

anyway, can we please take a moment to talk about how excited i am to go home to singapore!!!
i thought i wouldn't be able to go back but things worked out last minute and so i'm just brimming with excitement. especially when i'm planning all these fun activities and meetups with my friends whom i haven't seen in like a year! mahjong, kbox, food adventures, malaysia day trip, yoga classes, brunch, bowling, etc. ahhh so looking forward to it all. doing those with old friends would make the world a happier place immediately. 
don't really know how i'm supposed to concentrate at work the next 13 days but at the same time, the week usually passes pretty quickly and so it should be good.

so, the holidays.
my holidays officially began on dec 20 and lasted a good three weeks!
on dec 20, my sister, jess and i set out for vegas on our way to california.
we left in the afternoon, got there at around 9, had dinner at kj kitchen (our usual choice for chinese food) and then retired for the night.
the next day we headed down to LA, dropped jess off and picked my parents up from LAX.
it was so nice to see my parents after so many months! 
we spent 3 days in california and here are some of the highlights:
1. shopping adventures
my dad loves shopping at ross and marshalls 
my dad is hilarious like that 
shopping for a winter jacket for my dad

2. lots of sleeping in the car. mostly done by my mother hahaha. we even created a slogan for her, "上车睡觉, 下车尿尿" hahaha. 

3. downtown disney!
being in the disney store always makes me happy! 

4. third street promenade/santa monica pier

 dim sum
lobster and crab!!!

and then we moved on to vegas where we spent a week eating, shopping and walking.
our one bedroom suite living room was pretty cool 
christmas day 
tired legs 
love the venetian 
tasting all the different drinks from around the world was a lot of fun hahaha

and then we had to come back to utah and freeze haha.
i also contracted the stomach flu the last day in vegas and so i was pretty miserable the rest of the time my parents were here in town. 
but my boss was super nice and i only had to work one day in that week.
we didn't do much in utah and everything seemed like a blur.
we didn't even do anything really intense for new year's eve and actually went to bed early hahaha. 
and then the time came for my parents to leave and it was really sad because i wasn't sure when i would see them again in the near future. 
and now all is good in the world cause i get to see them in two weeks' time hehehe!

so that was how i spent my holidays.
how was yours and how has 2014 been so far?
i feel like 2014 is moving pretty quickly already and i'm still not sure what i want to achieve in this year. 
hopefully i'll kind of find myself when i go home in 2 weeks!!!
okay i'll stop hehe. 


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