Saturday, March 1, 2014

CNY 2014;

sorry for being non-existent since i've been back.
i got caught up in a drama after coming back in order to combat my wanting to sleep haha. 
i finished the drama in 5 days and therefore am here to blog again haha.
i feel like i tend to blog after finishing a drama and then i will disappear again because i start on a new drama haha. 

anyway, i just finished watching master's sun and oh my, i love it so much!

when it first came out last year i heard extremely good reviews about it but with each drama, if i don't get excited long before it comes out (through watching the trailers and what not), i most likely won't watch the drama until a long time later when i suddenly feel motivated one day haha. 
so that's what happened with master's sun as well haha. i kept listening to one of the OST songs and finally decided to start it on last saturday night at 1 a.m. in the morning haha. 
seeing that it's a horror romance comedy, that wasn't the best time to start it haha but i totally got hooked. it's one of the best-written dramas i've seen in awhile.

i like the fact that it veers away from the typical story of rich guy likes the poor girl and then the whole plot revolving around them overcoming their challenges of his evil mother so they can be together.

the main guy's character (so ji sub) is so funny. he's cold, charismatic and comical in his own way. and the main girl (gong hyo jin) plays her character really well (seeing that she has to act somewhat crazy since she can see ghosts).
and although there is a temporary memory loss (spoiler alert) in the middle of the show, they don't drag that out for too long.
all in all, i was simply hooked and watched it all day (while getting ready for work in the morning, during lunch time and all night after work) because it was too exciting. that should tell you a lot about the show haha. go watch it!

okay that was a great big sidetrack to the main point of my blog post today: chinese new year 2014!
i always love chinese new year and this year was really different because it was our first year without ah po.
without ah po, i feel like we all got thrown off and nobody really knew what to do/whose house to go to for reunion dinner, etc.
at first i was told that instructions were given for each family to have their own reunion dinner and i was totally outraged because what kind of reunion dinner is that.
but then my parents ended up hosting it at our place and everyone came so it turned out good.
there was lots of food and baby ian even graced us with his presence before he had to go to his other reunion dinner. 
first time meeting the nephew and his priority is always the tv haha 
reunion dinner spread: lots of prawns, chicken, duck, roast pork, etc. 
in the chen family we all like to gather and just eat round the food table haha
first lo hei of the year: a tradition at each reunion dinner
classic chen cousin poses every year haha 
only sammie and maine missing + one addition: baby ian!

day one of chinese new year started out with visiting numerous graves.
we used to only have to visit my paternal grandfather's grave each year but now that most of them have passed on, it is a busy busy day one morning trying to get to all the different graves to pay our respect.
can i just tell you how hot it was! i was perspiring like crazy haha. 
this year we did family photos with our maternal side of the family at mandai cause everyone was there anyway (they visit my maternal side on the first day whereas we go on the second day). my uncle was like, "wah new trend ah, picture-taking at the cemetery" hahaha
maternal side cousins - everyone is all grown up now 
steffy and i. who would have guessed that we would both end up in the same industry after growing up
seeing ah po's grave in real life for the first time

day one cny visiting started out with lunch at my uncle's place since he's the oldest in the family.
adults and kids all on their phones, tsk 
preparing to lo hei again 
my eyes only see the crackers (gold) hahaha 
my aunt even prepared gold plates this year - so fancy 
day one lunch feast - the sambal eggs were so yummy!
highlight of the day: baby ian! he has seriously become such a VVIP! all our overseas family members who skyped in to join the festivities only had one question - "where's the baby?" no one cares about the rest of us anymore :( 
moral of the story: no baby no status sigh haha. even when we were lo hei-ing, all the adults were like "more grandchildren" and we were like "hello, we need to have husband first"
baby ian always cries right when we decide to do pictures haha 
so many of us were in red this year that i called us the walking angbaos haha

lunch was followed by visiting at my mummy's godma's place where i was told to make sure to bring my boyfriend to her house next year haha. in fact, every person who gave me an angbao was like "hurry and get married" hahahaha. okay hint taken. 
day one festivities ended at our place with dinner with my aunties, uncles and cousins who came over. the cousins played slapjack after dinner and i lost miserably haha. 

day two was pretty laidback. we started the morning visiting my maternal grandmother and getting hooked on a hk drama together haha. this seems like the tradition every year. last year it was a hokkien drama haha.
my aunt cooked hokkien noodles and curry for lunch. yummy. and then we did our annual photo-taking on her balcony with a gorgeous view. 
watching 巨轮 haha
the beautiful view. always a city girl. 
my grandma doesn't like to smile for photos hahaha

after lunch, we headed over to my aunt's place (she's third in the chen family side after my dad so we were following the sequence well haha) where i got to tap ian to sleep, play mahjong and just laze around while eating cny goodies here and there hahaha.
napping baby ian 
ready to play after napping 
day two chen cousins photo 
mahjong! baby ian enjoying stepping on the tiles that were nice and cool

day two ended off with my aunt whipping up an extremely scrumptious and grand meal featuring a lot of my grandma's signature dishes. was so so good!

day three was pretty low key since we did most of our visiting in the first two days of the new year. 
we went to church for an hour in the morning and then had friends come over for steamboat in the afternoon. we ate too much, sang our hearts out, laughed at old school photos, played some bridge and learned a new card game - jin rummy. so much fun. 
baby slept for two hours so he was pretty satisfied
smiley smiley boy
my funny family 
 day three lo hei with close friends
cheers to the new year 
our annual goodies photo 
re-enacting our favorite pose of all time during our jc days haha

and so you have it, the main three days of the chinese new year.
major feasting and major photo overload.
it was an extremely great way to kick off the first week of being back home in singapore. 


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