Thursday, March 27, 2014

playing tourist - river safari;

well, remember how i said i was going to blog about our trip to the river safari like a month ago.
yup. that seems to always happen haha.
i always think to myself while i'm driving home, "i'm going to blog tonight" but then i get home, eat my dinner, shower and just don't feel like doing anything haha. 

anyway, back to the blog post.
so each year singapore builds several new things and therefore i always feel like a tourist when i go home once a year. 
last year, i made it a point to make it to gardens by the bay but didn't have time to go to the river safari.
i had been wanting to see the pandas for awhile now and so i told my mother that i would do that this trip back. 
my mother loves it when we want to go visit these attractions cause she's always busy with work or doesn't have anyone to go with and so she's behind on these things too haha. 

it was pretty hot the day we went and so we were sticky and sweaty and what not but i definitely enjoyed myself.
a lot of people have told me that it is pretty boring and not worth it but i beg to differ. 
since we went during the chinese new year season, they had horoscope readings up all around the place and so we had fun reading those at different points during our trip.
sadly, my horoscope reading for this year is once again, not great sigh. 
so pretty! 

we started out at the manatee section and we were seriously captivated haha.
it's crazy how long we spent in that area haha. 
the manatees are huge and yet, they are very graceful creatures. so cute!
the manatees eat about 50kg of vegetables each day. can you imagine?
look at that face haha

and then we had to rush off to one end of the place to catch our amazon river boat ride.
can i just say that that was the lamest part of my day haha.
it's funny cause the tickets run out very fast and so we made sure to get our tickets for the ride right before we entered the place. with such a high demand for it, you would think that it is really cool or something right.
well, false. 
it was a super short ride and you're supposed to be able to see a lot of different animals while going through the ride but half the time you couldn't see anything/the animals were hidden or whatever.
how disappointing haha. 
this was the only thing i got a picture of on the ride and i don't even know what they're called hahaha 
us on the ride

after the ride, we went to look at the monkeys and wow, they were seriously jumping all over the place and they were so close i thought they would attack me hahaha.

we walked back through the aquarium area to get back to the other side that we haven't explored and ended up getting stuck at the manatee section again HAHAHA.
sea mermaid

we eventually moved on to the other side where we saw more fishes and then finally arrived at the main area - the panda zone!

the red pandas are at the start of the panda zone and honestly, i thought they were so much cuter than jia jia and kai kai (the main point of the whole river safari).
one of the red pandas was super active and just kept walking round and round and round, up and down the trees, etc. haha. so cute!
favorite spotting of the day

we finally made it over to the real pandas - you know, the black and white ones haha.
we spotted kai kai first (the male) and he was taking a nap, very unglamly if i may add haha. 
look at that lazy thing

we walked over to the other side to see if we could spot jia jia.
she was nowhere to be found.
and then my sister noticed a security camera that showed their inside den and jia jia was in there!
apparently she spends a lot of time in there ever since her frightful incident when someone didn't turn off their camera flash and "flashed" her.
we hung around for a bit and she almost came out once but then she turned back around.

anyway, we got tired of waiting and decided to go eat some baos while we waited.
i had been looking forward to the panda baos and was so excited to finally be able to eat them!
they had two kinds - chocolate or red bean so red bean was the obvious choice.
the panda baos are such a smart idea because everyone goes to that restaurant just to eat them and then end up ordering some of their other food items too (which are by the way, absolutely terrible!)
i expected the baos to be overpriced and not good at all.
however, they were actually decently priced and pretty yummy!
day made! i felt like i could immediately just go home after and would have been happy with my time spent there haha. 
we bought two baos and some other food items. bad choice. we should have just bought more baos and none of the other stuff.

after eating, we headed back over to see if jia jia had surfaced.
she had indeed because it was meal time.
she was just sitting there eating her bamboo.
i was pretty satisfied that she appeared because then i could say i saw both the pandas and didn't waste my money hahaha.
we walked over to the other side and kai kai was eating his meal too. like a boss if i may add - just look at his posture hahaha. 

so there you go - our trip to the river safari.
we expected to spend only 2 or 3 hours there but ended up spending like 5 hours there.
it's really not as boring as people make it out to be haha.
the weather out there is extra hot though (as with most trips to the zoo) and when we came out to our car, we had to open the doors and let all the hot air out first. it was burning!

i also really wanted to go to the S.E.A aquarium while i was back but didn't have time so i guess i will be doing that on my next trip back to singapore.
and by then, who knows what else they will have developed and i would have to put those things on my list for the following year haha. 


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