Monday, March 17, 2014

st patrick's day

so the title of my blog post really has nothing to do with what i'm going to blog about - except for the fact that it is indeed st patrick's day today and i like this day just cause everyone wears my favorite color haha.
exactly one month ago, i arrived back in the united states from singapore. 
i can't believe it's been a full month already!
when i first got back, i remember feeling lost and just could not adapt for a long time haha. people would ask me, "what are your plans for the weekend" and i would say, "i don't know." i hadn't gotten back into the groove of things yet.
i was still mostly confused about where i was half the time - even though i would still wake up and go to work every morning haha. 
i also was out of touch with what was going on in the area and so therefore basically had no plans or any desire to make plans for the weekend haha. 

the first weekend i met up with vicki and her family along with some mission friends since she was in town for a friend's wedding. 
it was fun to see her after so many years! and to finally meet her husband ty and her little one dallan.
she's still the same and it makes me laugh cause i love the way she reacts to things hahaha.
me, kersti and vicki
us on the mission haha

on saturday, my sister, her roommate and branon helped me moved my stuff out of my old place.
they were such a great team and so we did it all really fast and they were so helpful that i really didn't have to do anything at all.
so blessed to have them in my life.
playing around haha

my sister and i then spent the whole weekend cleaning her house/room and getting rid of unnecessary things to make space.
it was a productive weekend!

the second weekend back i was still lost and didn't plan anything but preston invited us over to his place for hotpot on sunday so that was the main point of that weekend haha.
it's funny cause when my coworkers asked me what my plans were for the weekend and i said "hotpot," everyone was like "oh you mean the hot springs?" and i was like "no, it's an asian food thing" hahaha.
hotpot at preston's was fun. 
it was just a small group of us but we thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.
we ate and ate and ate until we were super full and then we sat around and played with preston's 3D fancy tv hahaha. 
and then just ate fruits and looked through mission photos and laughed our heads off.
i love love love how old photos have that ability to make people feel close through laughter. it's the best!
3D glasses for the tv 
typical asian dessert: fruits! yum.  
preston laughing so hard
love hanging out with them haha
i've been trying to take more polaroids lately

in the meantime, work started to get crazy busy and so i started to sort of get back into the groove of things because i had to haha.
third weekend back, i suddenly had a full weekend of plans hahaha.
friday night i got together with friends from the mtc and we had yummy korean food and just chatted about everything under the sun haha.
lots of food food food

on saturday, rissa and i ran errands for the most part of the day (that's what happens when you're a working adult - you spend a big chunk of your saturday running errands haha) and then we went to disney on ice at night. 
we didn't go to the last one and so it was fun to go this time.
we missed sammie though cause disney on ice has always been such a sister tradition for us.
the show was pretty good - belle and ariel were good but merida and rapunzel were so-so. and, the kids around us were obnoxious omg haha.

this past weekend was a packed one also and i think i'm finally fully adjusted to being back here. sigh haha.
work has been ultra ultra busy and i just work nonstop hahaha.
last saturday, we celebrated jess' birthday with a little girlfriends birthday lunch at oh mai.
nothing too elaborate this year but it was still fun nonetheless.
with old friends like jess, you really don't need anything elaborate; we just need each other's company and then we will talk about everything and anything and laugh our heads off. and we could go on all day hahaha. there are never ending topics we can talk about.
happy 25th!
we all kind of match haha 
jess: "why are you all looking at me?" 
cheryl obviously not getting the joke hahaha

after the birthday celebration, i went and got myself some new running shoes.
my old pair was from my mission and was super cheap and was falling apart so i decided to invest in some new ones.
i'm super excited about them hahaha. can't wait to go running!

headed over to city creek to meet up with caressa, tiff and branon after.
we were walking around h&m while waiting for our table to be ready at takashi and i ended up getting some new heels and a super cute polka dot blazer.
have i already mentioned how i have a polka dot obsession.
i would seriously wear/buy almost everything that's polka dotted hahaha.
and i love love love blazers so yeah, couldn't say no.
i also have an obsession with heels since i wear them to work so much and so heels on sale are hard to resist hahaha.

dinner at takashi was really yummy (as usual).
haven't been there in awhile and so it was nice to go there, esp. with the rest of them since they've never been. 
plus, i just really love the environment there.
random sidenote: tiff and caressa are graduating in april and then moving back to california :(:(:(
can't believe how fast this year has passed and that was my first time seeing them this year and now they're going to move far away from me :(
going to miss these girls - more reason to go to LA to play haha

and so that's what i've been up to since coming back here.
work and some play on the weekends haha.
and then this upcoming weekend, i'm flying off to... new york! CANNOT wait! we just randomly booked our tickets two weeks ago and off we go!
hopefully i survive this week of work first.
it's only monday and already i worked the whole day straight today without even taking a break so we'll see how the rest of the week goes haha.
although, i did get to do the best thing ever today. i got to write fashion blog posts for work. that would seriously be a dream job for me! i love how my job has so many components that are just awesome and everything i hoped for. 
to end this post off, here are some of my green outfits of late (in honor of green day aka st patrick's day):

have a good week ahead of you.
3 more days of work and then i'm off to my favorite city in the world!


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