Friday, April 25, 2014

california dreams;

if you read my last blog post, you'd know that our trip for the month of april was to sunny los angeles.
although it was a short trip (as usual) and we did the whole long drive thing instead of flying, it was still a great great trip! i must admit though that i was super distracted the work week after coming back and had a hard hard time focusing so i wasn't the most productive. sigh. 

here are the main highlights from the trip:
1. kpop concert at the coliseum - it was a free concert and my favorite band EVER was performing. i'm not the type to really lose control but CN Blue definitely rocked it and brought out the hidden fangirl in me haha. the concert lasted for 4 hours and there were definitely some amazing performances.
they had a korea festival in the afternoon where you could enjoy korean food and purchase kpop merchandise. we had to wait in line forever for these tornado potato things. 
with the group - ty, nate, branon, areum, me and rissa. we were super excited haha. 
we actually all had separate tickets (3 pairs of tickets) but awesome areum managed to talk to the event people and got tickets for all of us so we could sit together and it was row 8 so that was pretty sweet. 
so, i expected california to be super warm and was definitely not dressed for the cold wind chills but watching CN Blue perform live was so worth it! the reason why i like CN Blue is cause they're so talented. since they're a band, they ALWAYS do live performances (unlike other groups that may lip sync). also, they compose their own songs and actually put in a lot a lot of effort into creating good music and living for it. and while other groups may die off in terms of their energy level through different songs, CN Blue always always maintains the energy level very high (this is even true of their 2-hour long concerts). on top of it all, they are extremely humble and down-to-earth guys - i've never once heard anyone complain that they're arrogant/have attitude (i can't say the same for other kpop groups). therefore, CN Blue jjang!

2. getty museum - it was high up and so the view was really pretty. my favorite part was the main garden outside where it was just nice and green with the perfect backdrop of white buildings that just gave off a clean and refreshing feeling. that would be a perfect place to just hang out on the weekend - just sitting there reading a book/having a picnic/catching up with friends.
at the entrance after taking the tram from the parking area. love how everything was so white and bright. 
pretty view of the city with blue skies 
these flower trees reminded me of gardens by the bay in singapore - the super trees haha 
i wanted to go see the garden cause of this maze. unfortunately, it was closed due to renovations and so we couldn't walk through it.  
pretty walls 
just chilling on the grass

oh, and coincidentally, we bumped into 2PM nickhun while we were at the getty museum. we were walking close to the entrance area just figuring out the layout of the place and then my eyes came into contact with this person (which was super weird cause i usually don't notice people when i walk. esp. in crowded places that i'm not familiar with) and i was like, "i recognize this person." since our eyes met, he totally saw the look of recognition on my face and so he started walking away super quickly. that confirmed my thought that it was him - he gave himself away really. and then i remembered that i read on twitter that morning that 2PM had left for korea without nickhun. anyway, what a coincidence and so i decided that we needed to approach him to get a photo (no photo = no proof that we really saw him hahaha). after "running away" and while we were hesitating whether to approach him, he walked up and down around us almost like he was trying to get our attention. and so i just blurted out, "hey, can we get a picture?" and he hurriedly said, "sorry guys, i'm with my family" and then scrambled away. I didn't even have time to react. to be honest, while i understand that it's his personal time, i was a little annoyed. even hollywood stars agree to take photos with people who recognize and approach them. what the? anyway, we went on with our day and bumped into him again in one of the museum buildings and i felt like he kept looking at us. i was so tempted to just go up to him and say, "don't worry, we're not following you. we're here to look at the exhibits as well and we arrived here way before you. thank you." for everyone who is curious about how he looked, he looked good in all honesty and has really long legs! i didn't realize before that he was that tall. so that was our celebrity spotting for the trip. would rather have bumped into CN Blue any day haha. 

3. griffith observatory - we headed to the observatory in the evening and it was perfect cause you could see the sunset from up high and view the whole city in all its night lights glory. we also had the opportunity to look at jupiter and the moon through telescopes. it was breathtaking and one of my favorites from the trip. we also spotted the hollywood sign.
the hollywood sign plus city smog 
i think the observatory is so pretty 
hello los angeles 
the wind was extra cold up there! 
overlooking the city 
this is me looking off at the hollywood sign in the distance and the sun in all its glory before setting 
such a pretty place for photo shoots
sun setting 
city lights

i can't get enough of big cities. i loved the streets, the lights, the busyness of LA and most importantly, i loved that everyone dressed well. 
i really really like it when people dress nicely.
in big cities, it's the norm for people to wear nice clothes when they go out on the weekend. 
in utah, people just don't do that/their nice clothes are really county bumpkin-ish (sorry). 

one other thing i learned on this trip (i was slowly beginning to realize this already but the thought was further solidified): i know a lot more about kpop and the korean culture than the average person haha. every time i meet a korean person and i slowly reveal my knowledge of things, they're always SUPER shocked and just go daebak daebak nonstop haha. 
i guess the korean culture has just become such a huge part of me that i didn't realize that it's such a big deal to other people.
i love watching the faces of korean people when i start speaking in korean because i must say that my accent is pretty good (haha) since i've been keeping up with my korean through watching korean variety shows and so i pick up the accent as well. they always always say, "you speak like a korean!" and i always feel so flattered. if only my vocabulary and grammar were better haha.

and so that was my trip. 
we drove with preston and alice and had some funny conversations in the car.
i also realized (more so than before) how well preston and i know each other hahaha. 
our reactions to things/each other don't surprise each other anymore hahaha.
we can accurately predict what the other person will say/do. 
it's actually pretty funny and i'm grateful for friendships that don't require too much explanations or words haha. 
long car rides made better with boba stops haha

trip of the month for may is: denver! we're going to go visit our dearest big brother rendy and i can already foresee lots of laughter and ridiculousness hahaha, yay. 
we're probably also going to try to squeeze in a vegas trip in there before it gets all hot in the summer. 
till then, it's work work work haha!


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