Tuesday, April 8, 2014

city lights;

i like to think that i have a little bit of an influence on my sisters hehe.
first, i got them to love disney like me and then, i got them to love new york haha.
and that's a big thing for sure because my sisters are totally not city people (even though we all grew up in the city haha).

well, so my sister and i have been planning a trip each month just because haha.
i mean, we're young and not married so hey, why not travel and play hahaha. 
first on that list was new york just cause i hadn't been back since christmas 2012 (i don't know how i went all of last year without going back to visit).
we were talking about it and then checking tickets and then we booked our tickets to fly out two weeks later haha. talk about being young and impulsive haha.
so anyway, the week we flew out i could not concentrate on work and kept wanting thursday to hurry come hahaha. 
thankfully, work was busy and so time flew by.
and on thursday night, we were on that plane to new york.

i still hate red eye flights but oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do right haha. 
we went during the perfect time cause new york was actually experiencing good, warm weather during that time and i was so thankful because utah has been warm for awhile now and so i was not used to being super cold haha. 
and in new york, you have to walk everywhere and so it sucks more when if it's cold haha (by the way, it snowed right after we left haha) . 

first day in the city was pretty chill for us. 
we got to our hotel and they let us check in early and this time, we actually got our warm cookies!
okay, i'm going to go off on a tangent for a moment. every time i stay at a doubletree hotel, i've never been given a warm cookie (like their advertisements promise) and so i'm always bitter about it and always complain to my sister that they cannot make that the main point of their advertising if they're not actually going to do it haha. 
well, this time, i was surprised and omg, the warm cookie was heavenly! and now i want to find a copycat recipe to make it haha. 
yes i was so excited i had to take a picture hahaha 
enjoying my warm cookie hahaha

first stop for lunch: my favorite ramen place in nyc - totto ramen
this ramen in the winter is the best comfort food ever. we only had to wait like half an hour for it and so that was even better cause normally the wait is horrible hahaha. 
the yummy pork buns 
happy with our ramen - i usually get the spicy ramen 

just look at that

after filling our tummies at totto, we took a slow walk over to la maison du chocolat for my favorite macarons.
i always get the hazelnut macaron without fail and decided to get a pistachio one too this time. oh my so good. 
this is what salt lake city lacks - good macarons!

and then since we were in the area, we headed over to rockefeller center to watch people ice-skate and just hang out in that area.
we stood around that area for a long time and had fun guessing which flag belongs to which country. we even looked some of them up on our phones hahaha. 
this building never gets old for me

we then headed over to st. patrick's cathedral where we sat and looked through their hymnbook to see if we have any of the same hymns.
we walked around the cathedral and then got caught in the middle of friday mass haha.
we sat down and listened for a bit. it was really interesting.
they have a book that you refer to for the mass session and it prompts you when to repeat a certain phrase, etc.
the person in charge would give the lesson and you would repeat this one line at certain points and the one line is like a summary of what you should take away from that day's lesson. i thought that was cool cause then it would kind of really be drilled into your mind. 
they're renovating the place but it is still beautiful

we then slowly made our way down to ktown where we had dinner plans with pam and ko that night. 
on the way, we passed by the public library, stopped for baked by melissa cupcakes and also some shopping at H&M.
 love the libraries in nyc
tie dye, vanilla oreo and PB&J

dinner with pam and ko was so so good!
we ate yummy korean food at madangsui and chatted forever till the restaurant closed oops haha.
ko oppa cracks me up so bad. he was cutting the bbq meat for us at dinner and taught us that if you go out for dinner with a korean guy and he doesn't help you cut the meat, he's a jerk haha.
and then he was telling us funny stories of his high school days and how his uniform was really ugly and so all the girls didn't want to talk to them hahahaha.
we laughed and laughed and laughed.
meeting up with them when i'm in new york is always one of my trip's highlights because they are just so much fun. 
we also got to catch up on their plans to move to a new place, etc. it was much needed since these two live such busy lives!
post-dinner selfie

day two in the city started off with a typical saturday breakfast at doughnut plant - my favorite tradition haha. 
peanut butter and banana / blackberry

breakfast was followed by a nice little walk at the high line to get some fresh air and take in the beauty of the city haha. 
graffiti art / empire state building  
the parks are one thing i really love about new york

after walking, we were ready to dig in for lunch.
since we were in the chelsea area, of course we stopped in at chelsea market for some lobster!
they remodeled the lobster market and so i was a little lost for a moment but it looks more organized now so that's good.
 always happy when i get to eat my lobster haha
all set and ready to dig in
we also made sure to get my favorite gelato on our way out

in the afternoon, we headed over to times square for our les mis matinee show.
i was so so so so so excited for this and it was so so so so so good!
we only managed to see one musical this trip and so i was really glad that les mis was the pick.

after sitting and crying for two over hours (haha, it was so good!), we headed over to brooklyn to hang out at brooklyn bridge park.
i wanted to go on jane's carousel and once again, someone was having their private party there grr.
next time, i'm having my party there hahaha.
anyway, we walked around the area, had ice-cream from the brooklyn ice cream factory and then walked the brooklyn bridge back to manhattan.
the view from there is my favorite 
we were there as the sun was setting 
manhattan skyline

we ended the night with singaporean food at laut and then headed home and crashed.

day three got off to a late start with lunch at kunjip with karen.
it's been like 10 years since i last saw karen and so it was nice to be in the same place at the same time and be able to catch up haha.
and the budae jigae at kunjip is my favorite!
it was pretty windy on sunday

after lunch, we did our museum visit. the museum of choice this time was the natural history museum.
i've been before but my sisters always pick that museum because they watched night at the museum hahaha. 
dum dum 
monopoly: nyc edition

and of course, how can you go to new york and not go to central park.
oh how i've missed that park.
we walked through it and even found the waffles and dinges truck!!! i was very happy about that hahaha.
it was pretty difficult to eat the waffles though cause we were frozen and the wind was blowing like crazy hahaha.
with ice-cream and speculoos 
forever and always my favorite park, even when it looks bare in the winter 

after walking and getting some exercise, we headed over to dino bbq for dinner.
was back in the upper west area where i lived and it brought back so many memories!
still as satisfying as ever

we took a bus down to times square for junior's cheesecake after (the #1 subway wasn't stopping at the 125 st station that weekend) and it was a nice little way to revisit the city i grew to love so much.
returning back, it was like i never left.
it felt so so so natural walking around the city, taking the subway, etc. 
it was a crazy feeling. it almost made me forget that i don't actually live there anymore haha.
it was so surreal.
times square - i still don't enjoy hanging around there hahaha 

on our last day in the city, we kept it simple and just headed down to wall st cause rissa had never been.
brought her to get her picture taken by the bull (i've had my picture taken there so many times now hahaha), walked over to show her NYSE, etc and then we visited nearby cathedrals and just walked around the area.
wall st icon 
i love tall buildings and pretty churches 
this beautiful city that holds my heart

headed over to chinatown after to hunt down our bak chor mee.
it was pretty good and was a satisfying last meal in the city of gourmet food.
um, yum 
happy campers

and then it was time to say goodbye.
and so there you have it, new york city in 4 days hahaha.
i've become such an expert at introducing the city to people now haha. i should really go and be a NYC tour guide haha. 
i don't need a week to show you the city, just a few days and i'll make sure you cover all the main points hahaha.  

it was so hard to come back and the first day back to work i already wanted to look up tickets to go back again haha.
and then i found out that we were shortlisted for an award and the awards ceremony is in new york in june so, we'll see hahaha.
i almost want to jump up and down say "pick me pick me to go" hahaha.
so that's my little travel update for last month and this month, we're off to LA! it's going to be fun!


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