Friday, May 30, 2014

a timeline;

You and I
against a rule,
set for us by time.

A marker drawn 
to show our end,
etched into its line.

The briefest moment
shared with you -
the longest 
on my mind.

- Lang Leav

that's seriously how i feel about the whole LA trip. 
even though it was a long, crazy, stressful and tiring trip, it was definitely worth it. 
there were definitely too many flights involved since we flew back to salt lake from denver on monday night and then had to fly to LA at 7 a.m. early tuesday morning. 

we did get to do a few fun things in LA and that included hanging out with tiff tiff, getting our fill at paris baguette and a Dodgers game to top it off. 
i seriously cannot get enough of LA. it's slowly creeping up to become my second favorite city, right after new york. i think this is especially because it's such a short flight away and so i can just go all the time, as compared to new york that's a 6-hour flight away. 
also, i feel like half of my close friends live in california and so it just gives me more reasons to visit. another one is moving out there at the end of july and so i already foresee an august LA trip haha. 

the paris baguette in LA was amazing!
so much variety and so we just went crazy inside haha. 
wish the paris baguette in NYC had such a wide selection. 
there were four pudding flavors and all sorts of breads and tarts and macarons.
it was heavenly haha. 
all sorts of bread and even macarons!

we drove to rowland heights to meet up with tiff and had lunch at president thai. 
omg, can i just say that it was crazy hot while we were there! 
summer definitely kicked in while we were there. we were melting haha. 

since we were melting, we decided to go to this taiwanese shaved ice place for dessert.
best decision ever! it was so yummy and so cooling :)
mango shaved ice! the mango and mochi were so good! 
always so fun to meet up with this girlfriend of mine and look, we even kind of matched haha 
look how bright the sun was!

we also took some time to go to the grove to walk around.
got a sprinkles cupcake as soon as we got out of the parking lot haha.
the grove has a nice feel to it but it was really a lot smaller than i imagined it to be and so we didn't even spend much time there at all. 
love the streets

the dodgers game was of course my favorite part of the trip.
we got there really early cause they were giving away ryu hyun jin bobbleheads to the first 50,000 people and rissa really wanted one haha. 
our seats were amazing! it was right above the press box and we were on the first row so no one was blocking us at all and it was great!
yonghwa sang the korean national anthem and did such a good job. i was so proud of him!
imagine how scary it feels to sing in front of so many people at such a big stadium. 
ali sang the american national anthem and it was beautiful.
the game was really great! the dodgers played pretty good for the most part. ethier was amazing!!!
i wish ryu hyun jin would have been the pitcher but that's okay. he pitched the night before and did an amazing job with an almost perfect game. 
it was a great experience and i'm looking forward to another game some time in the near future. 
we were way early and so there weren't many people in the stadium yet 
the dodgers practicing 
posing with our ryu hyun jin bobbleheads and dodgers snapbacks 
enjoying our front row seats 
it was korea night 
always so good with fan service haha 
getting swamped by the media 
loved the blazer look. not a fan of the ankles showing look hahaha 
the pretty sunset halfway through the game

it was a good trip all in all and i was so so so drained of energy by the end of the day it was not even funny haha.
we went back to the hotel, showered and seriously just crashed haha. 
it was sad to leave as always even though this was a last minute trip that wasn't a vacation kind of thing haha.
but, i guess i will be back in a month's time so i will survive till then hahaha.
i've been in LA at least once a month really haha. mid-april, end may and then end june haha. now i just need to book my flights for july and august huh hahaha. 

till then.


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