Friday, May 16, 2014

viva las vegas girls' trip

people often express a lot of excitement when they hear/talk about vegas because of the nightlife.
therefore, it might seem pretty weird that a non-party girl like me who doesn't even drink alcohol would go to vegas very often haha. 
well, truth is, there's more to vegas than the short dresses and clubbing. 
when i go to vegas, i usually eat, shop, sing karaoke, walk the strip and maybe watch a show.
yeah, granted you can do that anywhere but vegas is a just short drive away and so it's not as expensive a trip if you wanted a weekend getaway. 
last year, i seriously went to vegas like every two months and so i must say that it's pretty impressive that last weekend was my first trip of the year to vegas (minus the short stopover we did on our way to LA last month). 

we had some show and dinner vouchers from our last trip to vegas and so we decided to just take a short trip there before summer really hit vegas and it would be unbearable to go. 
we invited jess to come along with us and so it was like a celebratory trip too - to celebrate her finishing her junior core. 
we left on friday night (much later than i had planned since my 4-5pm meeting went way long haha - this always happens when i need to leave early haha) and got to vegas just before midnight. 
and as usual, our first stop was kj kitchen for a late late dinner.
after which, we proceeded back to the hotel, showered and got ready for bed.
jess and i ended up chatting till like 4 a.m. haha. felt like one of our many slumber parties from when we were younger. i was surprised that we could even stay up that late haha. 

saturday morning we slept in till like 10 ish and then didn't leave the house till like 11 ish haha.
finally leaving the hotel haha

we started out with an early lunch since we were planning on eating a buffet dinner.
went to island malaysian cuisine for our singapore food fix. it was yummy!
we started off with curry puffs for appetizers (which were served after the main dishes came hahaha) and then had seafood hor fun, rendang and eggplant for the main dishes.
i like getting the hor fun there cause it's wet like singapore style (compared to the dry and oily style you get at other chinese restaurants) and just tastes so authentic.
the eggplant was really yummy too. cooked just the way my ah po cooks it.
proof shot that the main dishes came first hahaha
curry puff!
seafood hor fun that i raved so much about. look, it's drenched in gravy hahaha
 sambal terung
we also had peanut pancake and mango sticky rice for dessert but i failed to take photos hahaha. 

after eating till we were so full, we headed over to planet hollywood to pick up our show tickets.
and then we just stayed in the area and shopped.
came across a red mango after we were done shopping and so we took a froyo break.
we walked for a little bit and then just sat down at some chairs and chatted while eating our froyo.

this is where the funny story comes in haha.
we were just chilling and then suddenly this guy comes up to us and starts chatting us up.
i didn't even catch his name and i immediately caught on to what he was trying to do.
he introduced himself, asked each of us for our names, shook our hands, etc. and then just asked us what we were doing in vegas, etc.
i stopped listening pretty quick and then was just looking to the left and saw a group of guys staring in our direction and figured that they were probably his friends.
that group of guys then walked over and joined their friend who was talking to us and by then, i was irritated.
one of the other guys asked me for my name and i just flat out ignored him and then they started asking us where we're from and i was done.
i stood up and was like, "we actually need to go to our show now" and one of the guys was like, "you're going to come back here and meet up with us after you're done right?" and i was like "no." and he went on about how sad that made him and i just walked off.
really people, broad daylight at a shopping area. just wait till a couple more hours for it to be dark and you can hit the clubs. 

anyway, we made a safe escape.
after the show, we went to caesars palace because we wanted to get a max brenner cookie. only to find out that they closed down!
a photo in caesars palace just cause haha

i really wanted a treat though and so we decided to drive over to the venetian to get macarons from bouchon bakery haha.
so, there's bouchon the bakery and then there's the restaurant and so we got really lost looking for the bakery and ended up at the restaurant. but, that allowed us to discover a section of the venetian we had never seen with the prettiest ceilings!
we walked all the way over to the palazzo while searching for the bakery haha 
the pretty ceilings at the newly discovered clock tower 
finally getting our macaron fix hahaha. they were massive and so good! 
i also got a cookie - the TLC cookie (it had oatmeal, cinnamon and pecans - so perfect!)

since we had a little snack, we decided to do a little more shopping before heading out to dinner.
we went over to fashion show mall and did our shopping.
i managed to not buy anything. amazing huh haha. 
rissa bought some clothes so it wasn't a wasted trip haha.

after shopping for an hour ish, we headed over to sura bbq for dinner.
i didn't eat much because i remember feeling super sick after eating too much during my last trip to sura bbq haha.
samgyeopsal and kimchi! 

we had a good time over dinner talking and laughing and finally left the restaurant around 10, close to 11.
we then headed over to karaoke q for our last schedule of the night - noraebang!
we sang from 11 p.m. till 3 a.m. and could have gone on but decided that we should go back and get some sleep since we were driving back the next day.
it was so fun though cause they had all the latest korean songs and so at one point i was just singing cn blue songs back to back to back hahaha.
that was probably what killed my voice cause i had already been coughing since like thursday or something haha. and so now i have this nasty cough haha. 
gotta love asian karaoke places cause they have extra props for you to liven up the already crazy atmosphere hahaha // rissa kicking back and singing a song in a very relaxed manner hahaha

after getting back to the hotel and taking turns to wash up, i didn't even get to bed till like 5 a.m. hahaha. 
the next morning we woke up at like 10:30, got ready, checked out and then headed over to rio hotel for dim sum.
the line was super long and i was super confused at first but then i remembered that it was mother's day.
we finally got in and dim sum is always good. esp. with those egg tarts.
first round 
to die for!

and then we headed over to chinatown to get asian bread from our favorite bakery - crown bakery.
and we also made sure to get boba (even though we were so full haha).

and that was the end of our girls' trip.
got on the road and headed back to utah where it had snowed in certain areas like cedar city. i was so confused when i saw the white stuff on the ground haha.
we made good time with the driving and didn't get home too late. i was in my jammies and in bed by like 11.
it was definitely a much needed trip cause we have all been so busy with our lives and haven't really had the chance to catch up as much as we would like and just enjoy ourselves like that.

so yeah, if you're looking for a fun, clean girls' trip to some place near, vegas is actually really great for that hahaha. 

on another note, i'm glad it's the weekend again!
i'm starting to get settled into my new place and i do really like having my own bathroom in the master bedroom and my walk-in closet. i could stay in my room all night and not have to bump into roommates or anything like that if i wanted to be anti-social hahahaha.
yes i do have a lot of clothes hahaha

work has kind of been busy, not busy, busy, not busy.
we have a big event coming up at the end of the month so we're focusing a lot on that now.
looking forward to memorial day weekend (next week!) as we're off to denver.
so yeah, look out for the next blog post about denver haha. i haven't even decided on what we want to do there yet hahaha. 



  1. You call a 6 hour drive "a short drive away"??? Hahaha

  2. Hahaha it's the closest drive outside of utah lor hahaha.