Sunday, June 15, 2014

always with me;

recently, i've been trying my best to pray for really specific things and have been doing my best to work on myself with the help of God. 
and, i have to say that i have become better at noticing the Lord's hand in my life and also, recognizing when He is giving me opportunities to serve. at times, those opportunities really scare me but then i'm reminded that fear is the opposite of faith and that i need only exercise faith and He will lead me every step of the way for he is always with me.
it's been really great and this past weekend i had such a great weekend filled with many small and happy moments that were like little answers to my prayers this past week. God is real and he is mindful of each and every single one of us. 

i once heard a sacrament talk where this guy shared that if we pray for patience, we will find that our patience will be tested many times during that day.
i've never thought about it like that before but it makes sense, the only way you can cultivate patience is if you have many opportunities to exercise it.
anyway, what he said really stuck with me and so sometimes i'm afraid of praying for patience because then i knew that i had a hard day ahead of me haha.
but i still do pray for patience on certain days and on those days, i've really had my patience tested. but, i've found that recently, i've been blessed such that i get over things more quickly and that i am really getting a little bit more patient. still working on it but it's amazing how praying helps so much because i'm not a very patient person in general hahaha. 

so anyway, on friday, our plans got cancelled really last minute and so i was frustrated because i had specifically moved my friday plans to saturday and friday night time is just really precious in general.
i was upset but then i got over it pretty quickly and was determined to make new plans because i refused to stay home on a friday night haha.
anyway, we decided to drive all the way down to springville for the springville art city days festival. 
i heard there was a carnival and i love the look and feel of carnivals so...
we got there and the rides kind of reminded me of escape theme park haha. but, the look and feel of the carnival was still there and so i liked it. 
we checked out what rides there were and then walked over to the stores to just browse and see what they had. 
it just feels so magical and nostalgic!
the ferris wheel was really old school but i liked it 
sweet treats 
i wanted to throw up just watching this ride haha. look at all that spinning 
 more dizzy rides hahaha

then, we walked over to the food stalls. 
we spotted cupbop there and i was actually really excited because i had wanted to try cupbop for awhile now but just never had the chance to. 
we checked out the menu and then the cupbop guys started talking to us.
they soon found out that we speak korean so they immediately liked us and were just chatting really comfortably with us haha. 
they kept telling us that our korean is really good.
then, the older guy was like, "i'm going to give you free food cause you speak such good korean and you're pretty haha"
that was SO NICE of him and i felt so paiseh and thankful.
오빠 kept saying to us, "예쁜 적 하지마세요" ㅋ ㅋ

anyway, we basically spent the rest of the night at the store just hanging out and chatting with them in between them serving other customers.
we seriously clicked so fast.
and and AND, we basically found sam's future husband hahaha. 
he's so so so funny and when he found out that we're LDS too, he was like, "우리 결혼 하자. 영원이 같이 살 수 있어요!" 
I died hahaha. 
anyway, it was such a fun night chatting with them, practicing our korean and just making new friends. 
our new korean friends hehe. JK 오빠 wants to introduce some nice korean guys to us hahaha

saturday morning, we slept in and then went to gateway where i met up with my coworkers at the sidewalk chalk art festival.
the sidewalk chalk art was cool.
there were some that were really awesome!
mickey and minnie! 
UP! this was probably my favorite one! 
there were a ton of frozen ones haha
i am not a glitch 
this one was amazing! how to train a dragon 
beedoo beedoo 
some of my favorite people that i see on a daily basis 
i always give collin a hard time hahaha

had my annual birthday lunch at tucanos and every year after my meal i always wonder why i do that to myself hahaha.
so much meat but it was really tasty for sure.
and cause they were having a father's day special, there was salmon and shrimp and ribeye, etc.
i also had too much guava lemonade as usual hahaha. 
i definitely wanted to collapse and die after hahaha

we finished off the afternoon accessory shopping at this new store called charming charlie and omg, i totally fell in love with that store!
so many pretty accessories and everything is arranged by color and yeah.
we spent a long time in that store and came out with lots of pretty rings and i got a new dress on sale for $15 hehe. 
shopping, eating and good company made for a perfect summer afternoon haha.

and then at night, morgan and i got together to make korean food.
we stopped by the korean mart to get our ingredients and the korean ahjussi at the korean mart is the best. he was telling us about the world cup parties they're having when korea plays and was inviting us to come hahaha. 
korea plays their first game on tuesday. 대한민국!
i haven't had a chance to sit down and properly watch a world cup match yet but i've been keeping up with the scores and watching goal playbacks, etc. 
omg, netherlands seriously smoked spain the other day hahaha. it was an amazing game!

anyway, it was a good night spent prepping, marinating, chopping, cooking and chatting haha.
we caught up on each other's lives, chatted about how each member of our families are doing and then talked about our favorite korean dramas and which actors and actresses we like haha.
and then after we ate, the night ended off with the M topic conversation and us talking about our 이상형s hahaha. 
so much fun and it's always nice to be reunited with friends you haven't seen in awhile. 
plus, i was just counting last night and we've been friends for like 7 years now. 
i think back about the days we were roommates and just laugh cause i was just a sophomore then hahaha. oh those days hahaha.
morgan excited about eating the food hahaha 
me and the kimchi pancake hahaha

it's also father's day today and so i'm especially grateful for my amazing father.
he is the most selfless person i know and i love him so much.
as we had the lesson on the oath and covenant of the priesthood in church today, i thought about how thankful i am for my father who stays true to the covenants he has made and as such ensures that he is ever ready and always worthy to give us a blessing or uphold his priesthood whenever he needs to. i'm so grateful to him for that. 
#1 dad!

i even got to take a nap today after church and it was the best thing ever.
and i'm all ready for the new week ahead!
i can't believe it's already the middle of june but that just means that disneyland is getting closer hahaha.
and that's all for today!


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