Wednesday, June 4, 2014

denver diaries;

denver was... okay. hahaha
it wasn't bad or anything like that but i just felt like i never left utah. the mountains and everything, it all felt the same. 
nonetheless, it was still fun to catch up with rendy and jes. and, as a bonus, we also got to see danielle and stephen so that was nice!

here are some of the things we did on our trip:
1. ate dim sum - we woke up pretty early on our first morning there (considering that we stayed up the night before till like 4 a.m. chatting and catching up). the dim sum was actually pretty good and i'm always a happy girl when i have my dim sum.
the dim sum cart ladies kept coming by to ask if we wanted more and we told them later cause our table was already so full hahaha 
jes was very happy to finally eat haha 
bloated morning faces - well, at least mine haha

2. explored downtown. i actually really liked exploring downtown cause there's a nice city feel but at the same time, it wasn't too crowded with people. there were pretty government buildings to look at and since it was memorial day weekend, there were street fairs and what not. we also went to this shop called city pop that has 70 flavors of popcorn and we each got a different flavor. that was fun. there was also this shop with a vintage-y feel that had all sorts of different candy and soda flavors. pretty fun to just walk around in there. i'm a big fan of just walking and exploring casually. 
the capitol. it was under construction so it wasn't the prettiest sight and i kind of think that the gold on the top looks kind of tacky haha. just my opinion though.  
we walked past this family that was playing soccer in these hamster ball lookalike things and it was the funniest thing to watch hahaha. when someone gets knocked down, it's really hard to get back up hahaha. and if you wanted to be mean, you can keep knocking the person back down as he/she tries to get back up each time hahaha.   
outside the art museum 
some carrot looking thing we saw while walking around hahaha 
the performing arts center was really pretty 
different soda flavors // different popcorn flavors 
us very happy with our popcorn - i got caramel, jes got s'mores and rissa got toffee pecan

3. ate at this asian fusion ramen place called uncle ramen. that was seriously super meh. especially when we had to wait over an hour for a spot. and, the people before us, who obviously knew that we were taking their table after them, took a long time to leave on purpose. and then when they finally left, one of the guys said to us, "you're good to go now" and i wanted to punch him in the face. 
us waiting for a table 
the pork buns were the only good thing. the meat was slightly crispy and i think that's what made it so delicious! 
i got the kimchi one and it was too salty.  
us posing with our ramen

4. dined al fresco on sunday for lunch and the weather was perfect!
the cute little patio 
the berries, corn and mango juice make this photo so colorful and pretty hahaha. makes me so happy haha

5. went to red rocks amphitheater but didn't get to go in and see anything at all cause they were doing soundcheck for an event that night sigh. i was really sad cause i had seen photos online and it looked cool! it also started drizzling when we were there and so that was such a bummer hahaha. but we got to meet up with danielle and stephen and chatted for a short while. 
we could only take a photo outside sigh 
PR girls reunited :)

6. when a bunch of asians get together, we usually like to... make jiaozis haha. and so that's what we did for dinner sunday night haha. it was fun to prep the ingredients and make them together and chat along the way. it also made the whole process go a lot faster.
wrapping in process // the final product - so good!

7. played games on sunday night up in the loft. so fun plus it's so pretty up there. rissa was terrified of climbing up there though hahaha. we also watched pitch perfect after playing games since it was quoted so much during the whole trip hahaha. 
rissa hanging on for dear life and jes waiting on top hahaha

8. woke up bright and early on memorial day morning to get the most amazing pancakes ever at 7 a.m. it was so worth it though! i had the pancake flight which means that i had two pancakes and a french toast. i got the pineapple upside down and the banana nutella - heaven! i'm drooling as i type this. 
huge morning faces once again hahaha 
i'm not sure what they were doing hahaha

9. visited city park - we went there for a brief visit on saturday since they were having a flea market there. and then on memorial day, we went to admire the denver skyline since it was a pretty nice clear day. 

10. walked around cherry creek and then ended off the trip with sushi and yogurtland before heading to the airport
lots of sushi

and there you go.
although denver doesn't make the list of my top vacation destinations or favorite cities in the united states, i still had a good time catching up with old friends and relaxing. 
we grew up with rendy and so he's always been a big brother to us and i will always remember how he took such good care of me my freshman year in college. 
as we chatted late into the night on our first night there, i realized how grown up our conversations had become.
it scared me a little bit but it was also a nice reminder of how much we've grown. moving on in life and achieving our dreams haha. 
here's to the many years of friendship ahead.
i look forward to visiting these two again in the near future, hopefully in a different city in a different country ;)


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