Monday, July 7, 2014

birthday festivities;

this year's birthday was magical!
it was seriously stress free. all i did was book my ticket and jetted away. 
last year i felt like i was stressing out and trying to make everything perfect since it was a big birthday and i was stuck in utah. 
this year, it was so simple and yet so perfect. it's a good reminder that we don't need extravagant things in life to keep us happy. 

on friday after work, we jetted off to los angeles - my favorite destination for vacation lately haha.
our flight was delayed a little bit so by the time we got there, picked up the car and drove to meet up with caressa and tiff for dinner, it was like 9 p.m. haha. 
kudos to my amazing girlfriends for being so patient hahaha. 
we had dinner at honda-ya and i loved it!
i told tiff i was craving jap food and so she picked out a japanese restaurant. the variety was seriously crazy! they had everything from sushi to sashimi to udon/ramen to yakitori!
and i was super hungry and so we just ordered a whole bunch of stuff haha.
mixed tempura 
potato croquette 
after we finished everything in front of us hahaha 
we were going for the awkward family pose look hahaha

and then of course we still had to go for dessert.
i love LA cause everything is open till super late and so there's always somewhere you can go to for dessert.
we decided to venture out a little and went to get vietnamese dessert.
i had never had vietnamese dessert previously and so it was a whole new experience for me.
i actually really liked it cause i like coconut things and pandan haha.
i got the taro and pandan jelly in coconut milk. so good! my favorite was definitely the pandan jelly, so yummy!
we all got different drinks and none of us finished cause the drinks were so full of different ingredients inside and we were super full from dinner hahaha. this would be a really yummy snack on a super super hot day though.
my LA trips are never complete without hanging out with these girls

by the time we drove to the hotel and checked in, it was like 1 a.m.
we showered and quickly went to bed.
woke up bright and early on saturday and got ready to go out for the day.
it was a disney weekend because i'm such a disney freak hahaha. 
the last time i celebrated my birthday in disneyland was 2011 so it's been awhile.
sammie was still here during that time and it was a lot of fun.
throwback to that year. can't wait till we're reunited again.

anyway, before we headed to disney, we made a quick stop at paris baguette because that's my absolute favorite haha.
we went crazy picking out bread as usual. i wish they would open one here in salt lake.
don't worry, we didn't finish everything that morning hahaha
and then we were ready to start our day! 
classic disneyland shot. sad that someone photobombed us 
and of course i needed to make sure i got my birthday badge hehe
my sister loves eeyore and so when we were getting our fast passes for splash mountain and she noticed eeyore, she made sure that we got in line to get photos with eeyore. and that line allowed us to get photos with pooh and tigger too so okay why not hahaha. except that pooh seriously pushed me out of the way - i don't know if you can tell in the picture but he's seriously pushing me hahaha. 
my sister's favorite hahaha
on splash mountain - the appearance of my asian eyes hahaha 
classic castle shots 
we have a slight obsession with disneyland churros 
i hate spinning in the tea cup so it's always fun to pose in the tea cup that they have outside the ride haha 
it was super hot and so by the time we had our late lunch/dinner, this is the state that i was in hahaha
we've been to disneyland so many times now till we're so familiar with everything and so we managed to do everything really quickly and it was pretty impressive haha. and of course we had to end our night with dole floats. that's seriously a must every trip to disneyland. 
magical as always 
the fireworks show at disneyland never disappoints

day two of the disney weekend we hit up california adventure and i honestly love california adventure more than disneyland cause there's california screamin' and the tower of terror and the aladdin show and the animation academy, etc. haha
spotted mickey right as we walked into the park 
and then donald 
and then duffy. we were seriously on a roll hahaha 
jumping around the pier hahaha // we almost always do toy story mania first cause the line is always so long and there's no fast pass 
told you we really love our churros haha 
and look, we even saw minnie haha 
cars land is really still my favorite. radiator springs racers is the best! 
stopping for an ice-cream break since it was blazing hot 
monsters university 
we started to look pretty unpresentable hahaha 
and of course we ended off with the beautiful world of colors

you would think that we would have gone back and collapsed after a full day at the park right?
haha, we lived right by a bunch of korean restaurants and so we decided to go get our kbbq fix after leaving the park hahaha. 
we went to kang hodong baekjeong and it was really good! the meat was amazing and the service was excellent cause they cook your meat for you and you don't have to do a thing.
super yum

we for sure knocked out that night and slept in till like close to 9 a.m. the next morning hahaha.
checked out and headed to downtown LA for some birthday adventures.
had to pick up preston's passport for him and then we really just explored LA haha.
hung out at the dodgers stadium, took a scenic drive up mulholland drive, saw the hollywood sign, enjoyed the view of LA at the hollywood bowl overlook, etc.
we mostly drove around cause after two days at disney our feet were dead hahaha.
and then we ended the trip with patbingsoo at paris baguette cause i really wanted patbingsoo hahaha.
they had a ton of dodgers x hello kitty things and i loved them! 
dodgers stadium 
hollywood bowl overlook 
a super short walk up haha 
LA. oh how much i love the city.
i was not planning on doing any hiking so that's why i had a skirt on and it was very limiting hahaha
us and the view 
i was very excited about my patbingsoo hahaha 
hehehe my sister who made the trip perfect! it was such a good adventure before she moved and perfect timing too.

and then we setted off on a jet plane back here and basically knocked out on the plane and i had to nudge rissa when we landed or else she would never have woken up hahaha.
and so you have it, my magical birthday weekend!
and now i'm a year older again but i do feel somewhat wiser and i feel like i'm at a pretty good place in life - i've accomplished much but i still have much ahead to conquer like marriage and kids hahaha. 
thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. i felt loved and grateful especially to my parents who brought me into this world and raised me with love and patience.

okay, i'm exhausted.
time to sleep and dream of my magical adventures hahaha.


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