Friday, August 15, 2014

august, how is it already mid-august?

well, so i guess i kind of disappeared for awhile haha.
i keep telling myself i need to blog i need to blog and then i get distracted or something. i even set aside photos for a blog post on august 4 and then, life got really crazy and i basically haven't been able to breathe for the past two weeks.
and that's the reason why i'm actually home on a friday night and am almost ready for bed after a good workout this evening. 

here's a photo log of some of the things that i've been up to:
cupbop with morgan! looking at these pictures remind me that i haven't been to cupbop in a month now and that i really need to go get some korean bbq goodness soon. 
JK 오빠 is the best! he's always so kind and lets me practice my korean :)

dinner at yamato with jess before she went back to singapore for vacation. it's so hard to find good sushi in utah and yamato is probably my favorite place hands down but i don't drive down south enough to get my sushi fix. 

dollar movie followed by froyo with amber. we watched million dollar arm and i really liked it. it was one of those inspirational movies. we got farr fresh's after and we both only paid less than $2 each for our froyo cause it was half off due to national ice-cream day. it was way sweet hehe. i love farr's fresh and this location had pistachio gelato flavor which was SO yummy and then the apricot mango was pretty awesome too. 

ariel's surprise birthday party! this was right when she walked through the door. funny story: we were all hiding behind the counter and we were all going to pop up and say, "surprise, happy birthday" after cheryl counted "1, 2, 3." well, let's just say that cheryl did not do it for a long time and so all of us were just looking at each other and there was an awkward silence coming from keith's end and then we all finally stood up haha. ariel could see mark's hair sticking out above the counter and she totally thought keith got her a dog hahaha. 
we had amazing food courtesy of uncle eric and omg, i was one happy girl cause it reminded me so much of singapore bbqs!
happy birthday ariel!
i grew up with these kids and look at all of us now hahaha

one day, amber really wanted to go to the nickelcade and so she got together a group of us and we went and played some arcade games. it was so old school but so fun. the only thing, it was pretty hot in that little arcade and so by the time we were done in there, we were ready for some ice-cream. it is summer after all haha. so here's amber and i with our huge sundaes hahaha. i didn't even come close to finishing half of mine hahaha.  
the group 
quote of the night: "who still hangs out with people from their mtc district?" yup, us haha.

sometimes i wish the disney girls didn't all live all over the world and we could see each other more often. but, i'm grateful for the times maggie and i can get together every once in awhile to catch up, even if it's only for an hour ish. 
us at our regular saturday's waffles spot haha. 

met up with the freshman girlfriends again and we went to sora's brother's restaurant (suehiro) for some yummy japanese food. it was super super yummy and now i'm craving japanese food again haha. after we stuffed ourselves to the max, we went shopping for a couple of hours and then ended the night with boba at gossip where we all got taro drinks, yum. 

there was this one day at work where we had a whole stack of tickets to the bees game (like seriously, a stack of 100 or more tickets). and so i grabbed a couple and two friends and we went to watch the game since it's such a classic summer activity. victoria (center) is actually a friend of mine from jc dance days and i hadn't seen her since we were 18 haha. she's in town visiting another friend and so we got the chance to catch up after so many years haha. that was fun. 

and there you go, some of my july activities!
and although we're only two weeks into august, already there has been so much going on but i'll save that for my next blog post where i'll tell you why i've been so crazy busy at work too.

have a good weekend everyone!


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