Sunday, August 17, 2014

august i think i like you so far;

august has kind of slipped by me since i've been so busy at work and what's with other things going on in life.
but, i'm kind of really liking it so far cause my work days go by faster and i feel more accomplished each day even though i'm working like crazy. 
i had kind of a slow summer with work but i now have three new projects and new social media responsibilities and so it's picked up rather quickly there.
on top of that, i tried to spend as much time as i could with dearest amber before she moved, took a trip to california (again haha) and have been occupied with bridal and baby showers and what not haha. busy busy life haha. 

so, amber moved to san diego last weekend and so that's another one for california. california just keeps getting more and more attractive and i wish my company would open an office there. i will be the first to volunteer to go hahaha. 
before she left, we embarked on two more adventures after our two last month. that was a record for us for sure because we usually get together once a month if we're lucky hahaha. 

our first adventure was the harry potter train.
we had talked about doing the harry potter train for a long long time and then we had planned to do one last meal before she left. 
the day before we were supposed to meet, the harry potter train popped into my head and so i looked up the details online and it turns out the day we were planning to meet was the last day they were doing the harry potter train!
and so we talked about it, decided so fast and then bought tickets haha. 
it was actually pretty fun haha. 
amber did an amazing job dressing up while i didn't put in much effort at all haha. 
we got there and bought ourselves $2 wands and hopped on the train.
there were cool signs like these all over at the train station 
platform nine and three quarters // amber with her luna glasses haha
we started off with some chocolate frogs (which were melting but yummy haha) // being serenaded by a violinist
and then came the sorting into houses. we all agreed that we didn't want to be put in hufflepuff cause that's the stupidest house basically and of course, i got sorted into hufflepuff sigh. amber got gryffindor...
my lovely reaction hahaha
just enjoying our train ride
and then dumbledore came by with some bertie botts' every flavor beans. we each got 3 and it so happened that 2 out of 3 that we each got overlapped haha. those were soap and vomit haha. we ate the soap one first and then i had my second one which was pepper. we were all okay up to this point and then we had the vomit one and omg, all of us immediately spat out the jelly bean because it was so so so gross! it was kind of spicy and just super weird hahaha. we had to flush out the taste with some gum. 
and then of course, we had butter beer. it was pretty good in my opinion.
we also tried to get some pumpkin pasties from the concessions stand but it was sold out. sad day. 
and then we got back to the station and just took silly pictures hahaha 
classic train shot 
with the crew. the hermione was pretty impressive i have to say haha. 
and then we wrapped up our night with our favorite bruges waffles and taylor came to hang out as well.

our second adventure, we made taylor plan and of course, he chose hawaiian food and the drive-in theater cause he's been talking about the drive-in theater for awhile now and how it's always been a dream of his hahaha. 
we started the night out at moki's hawaiian grill and it was actually really yummy food!
look at all that food 
it was so good that taylor couldn't even wait till we took the photo to dig into his food and that's why his mouth is full here hahaha.  
after dinner, we drove to walmart, got snacks, drove to the theater, laid out our blankets and pillows at the back of taylor's truck and got ready to see guardians of the galaxy. i would definitely have to say that it was a cool experience and is nice esp. for a summer night. 

so those were our fun adventures before amber left and now i don't know when she'll be back again.
so i guess our next adventures will just have to be when i fly down to california again. those will be much funner adventures anyway hahaha. 

other stuff i've been up to:
1. bridal shower and bachelorette party for sarah who got married on friday!
i spent 45 minutes in bed bath and beyond wrapping these presents hahaha 
the cute bride-to-be unwrapping her presents 
and then we had a bachelorette party for her two days before her wedding. this photo is so funny cause half of the dress we made her has fallen off hahaha

2. hangouts with the mission friends
dinner and froyo on a friday night
and then four of us went to the same ward on sunday and it was so fun attending church together and after church, we whipped up a most random and not planned dinner and it was delicious and fun hahaha. love these spontaneous moments.
we had a baby shower for alice yesterday and ahh can i just say how excited i am to meet baby tam. one more month one more month! here's all the clothes and stuff i bought him so far hahaha. when alice told preston that i bought a ton of clothes for his baby, he was like, "is it because you don't trust my taste?" hahaha bingo i will be fashion stylist auntie charlotte. 

3. parade of homes with cheryl and dawn
she's back and she's all matchy matchy with the chessboard hehe 
we came across this beautiful view outside one of the houses we were looking at and so i was trying to take a panoramic shot and this is cheryl being annoying hahaha 
pretty pretty scenery! 
glad we managed to get these shots before it started pouring 
we really liked this place cause it is so modern and chic. here's us chilling in our bachelorette pad hahaha 
pretty patio and our creepy reflections hahaha 
dream home 
this was from the first house we saw - there was a vault in the basement. so cray cray. 
there was a mini movie theater too haha of course. oh and a huge tennis court which i didn't get pictures of. so crazy! 
these two...

cheryl laid around a lot on saturday hahaha
i totally want this in my future home! how convenient!
cheryl's kind of bed hahaha 
diva room in tiffany blue! 
guess it was a really long and hot afternoon hahaha 

and so that's life thus far in august and it looks like it's going to continue to be busy the rest of this month as everyone tries to catch what's left of summer.
i was going to include my california trip update in this post too but i'm way too tired and this post is pretty long already so look forward to that in my next post!
till then, goodnight!


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