Monday, August 25, 2014

dancing in the sunlight;

i spent a lot of time in the sun this past weekend and so it reminded me of the beach and of my lovely trip to california (that i promised to blog about).
i was in california three weekends ago and already it seems like so long ago.
it was an interesting trip since i was basically traveling on my own for the first time in a long time.
i actually kind of liked it haha.
it's an interesting and refreshing feeling to just be alone and kind of do whatever you want and just enjoy some time alone. 
like i could sleep in till whenever i wanted and i also didn't feel like i had to rush to do certain things (esp. since i go to california so often). 
and surprise, i didn't even really have a set schedule which is really unlike me because i'm usually the planner of each trip with friends hahaha. 

but, i still managed to do some fun stuff.
my favorite part of the trip was definitely going to the beach. 
the previous times i've been to california, we never really did a beach day because my sister doesn't like the beach and my friends don't seem to like the sun much as well haha. 
so when kim and i were planning and figuring out what to do and she suggested going to the beach, i was all for it hahaha. 
we went on friday afternoon and kim introduced song and i to the world of boogie boarding haha.
so basically, you lie flat on your stomach on the boogie board and just ride the waves to the shore. 
we went to laguna beach and i must say the waves were pretty crazy and so we were like all over the place and i felt like i kept crashing into kim hahaha. 
starting our beach day! 
here we are with the boogie boards hahaha
kim was so cute and offered to take dancey jump shots for me and with me haha
and then the series of funny jump shots started hahaha
kim was absolutely fabulous at catching the timing, unlike song and i haha
and so then we just made her count and it was fabulous haha
this picture really cracks me up cause song looks like she's falling over hahaha

and then we headed over to crescent bay to explore some more.
it was so pretty and i especially loved the little walking trail right above the beach where you slowly walk down to the beach. there were cute little benches you could sit on and enjoy the scenery and it was just all so great. 
palm trees and blue skies;
the clear blue skies definitely helped with the pretty shots
song realized too late that we were making heart shapes with our hands and so this was the result hahaha 
after we took this photo, kim was like, "you look so natural" hahaha 
the sunlight was so pretty!!! 
thank you kim for such a wonderful beach day! as we were taking photos, kim was like, "am i going to make it on your blog?" haha she's so cute. 

after our beach adventure, we were starving and so we decided to go on a food adventure.
we decided to go get some african food at mozambique peri peri in newport.
and on our way, we stopped by the newport beach temple to sneak in some photos - in our beach attire hahaha.
it's a really pretty temple and i really liked that it looks so different from most of the normal temples 
we put on some clothes to try to be as decent as possible haha 
i just love kim's face in this one hahaha
we had absolutely no idea what to expect since we had never had african food before so we ordered a different type of dish each and then just shared. i got the curry and it was not bad. like i wasn't in love with it but it was pretty good i would say. the curry flavor wasn't as strong as i thought it would be and then the sambal tasted like strawberry hahaha (it was sweet). 
song got some sort of fish dish and kim got the chicken, sausage and prawn combo. the fries pictured here were really yummy but we still can't figure out what the spices or sauce are on it. it tasted kind of like garlic fries but different haha. i think i liked kim's dish the best. 

after dinner, we still had room for dessert somehow and so we ended off the night with gelato.
we found a place nearby (vitaly in costa mesa) and when we drove to the area, discovered this cute little area called the campsite. 
there were lots of cute signs all around and cool shops and what not.
it definitely seemed like the happening place to hang out at on a friday night haha.
very chill and cosy and kind of like a hipster place to hang out haha. 
we got gelato to share - pistachio, hazelnut and some peach custard flavor. all the flavors were so good! i especially loved the pistachio. it's not easy to get pistachio right and i felt like they really nailed it. 
after eating our gelato, we went to sit by a fire which we spotted on our way in to get gelato.
it was so nice and warm (it started to get cool at night) and we just chatted. we were talking about how fires just seem to have a way of helping people open up haha. 
fires and gelato - so perfect haha
kim and i chilling by the fire

and then we called it a night and it was such a good day spent!
i think if i lived in california i would go to the beach every weekend haha.
the not so fun part was definitely getting back to the hotel and then taking off my swimsuit and there's just sand everywhere hahaha. and then having to wash my hair very thoroughly to get all the sand and salt out hahaha. but it's all worth it. 

friday was definitely my most happening day.
saturday i kind of just lazed around, went shopping, got my korean food fix and then at night, i met up with charles and kim for dinner (so happy that charles could get off from work to come join us since it was his busy period and he had been working late a lot).
why can't they have a paris baguette here in salt lake sigh haha
we planned on eating korean bbq for dinner but the line was way too long and so we decided to go to honda ya instead. japanese food is always good! 
they were such great hosts and i thought it was fun that we could spend national day together even though we really didn't do anything special at all except eat dinner haha. but that's what singaporeans do best - eat hahaha. definitely going back soon to visit them and kim was like, "you can come stay with us." so nice those two hahaha. 

other highlights of my trip:
1. seeing sister huang. i found out from her brother ray which ward she was serving in and then just showed up for church haha. it was pretty amazing cause i walked into the church building and the very first person i saw was her haha. it was so fun!

2. mango snow ice from class 302. tiff took my sister and i there during our may LA trip and i absolutely loved it so i made sure to get some this time as well. and i also tried their food this time and it was amazing! taiwanese food!!!
wish we had this here haha

3. attending a concert alone for the first time and making some new friends along the way and just enjoying music from my favorite band

i really agree with people who say that traveling alone is therapeutic.
i used to think that if you don't travel with friends, what fun is it? 
but i think it's fun to explore certain things on your own and then just make friends along the way or meet up with your friends for part of the trip, etc.
i had a lot more stuff planned that i wanted to do but didn't get to so i'm excited to head back again soon and maybe explore san diego a bit too since amber just moved down there.
till then, it's been fun, california, and i will be back soon. 


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