Sunday, September 21, 2014

taking in whatever's left of summer;

i woke up on saturday morning and was kind of nauseous and so i've basically been lying in bed for the most part all weekend. 
i'm lying in my bed even as i'm typing this haha.
not the best way to spend a weekend but some weeks you need those weekends.
it's been a month since i last updated and next weekend is the last weekend in sept. summer has slipped by just like that. the good thing is, it is still pretty hot out (a little too hot actually) and so summer activities still go on. 

i'm still kind of crazy busy at work but weekends are almost strictly no work for me so i find time to relax and chill on the weekends and sometimes i think i play too much i start monday super tired hahaha. 

one of my friends from jc/high school was in utah for a month and so we had fun tubing, hiking, berry picking, etc.
it rained the whole night and a little in the morning and was supposed to rain all saturday but we prayed hard and the sun came out! and it made the weather cooler so it was perfect to pick berries in cool weather while the sun was shining on us
they give you a bucket and a string to tie the bucket around your waist and then off you go to pick berries! 
and then at the end, you just pay $3 per pound of berries that you picked and you get to take the berries home. 
the guy who took this photo for us said we looked like we belong in a martha stewart magazine haha
after berry picking, we met up with some of my friends and went tubing down the provo river. it was really cold but such a fun adventure! we sang songs, chatted, talked about how you can only float down the provo river with your true friends cause they will save you from the many branches you crash into and then linked it to life and how life has its ups and downs but you have good friends to help you along the way haha. we're so clever haha
posing for pictures after surviving the 90-minute float down the river haha
and then since we were down in the provo area, i took victoria on a little tour of the byu campus, went to the creamery to get some ice-cream and then we ended off the night with slab pizza 
i got the thai green curry and victoria got some breakfast pizza haha
you can't come to utah and not do a little hiking so we went to the timp caves  
we made it up to the cave entrance in 50 minutes and so we had some time to spare before the tour actually started 
inside the cave 
the limestone formations were pretty impressive and photos don't do them justice at all 
on the way down - we could look out into the whole valley 
obligatory tourist shot haha
the last of the activities that i took victoria to was the odgen temple open house. i thought it was great timing that the open house was going on at that time and that she could see firsthand what is inside the temple esp. since she had done the whole temple square tour.  
the temple by night 
the temple and the ogden tabernacle. the temple grounds were super big and i was very impressed. 

so those were my adventures with victoria. 
they were fun, especially since we hadn't seen each other since we graduated from high school. 
it's funny how paths cross again after so many years, especially in such an unexpected place as utah hahaha. 

besides those adventures, i've also been able to spend some time with people from my mission.
sister wu was in town so we all went out to dinner at sweet ginger 
kersti moved up to salt lake and so we took the chance to go to the temple together one saturday afternoon

i've also been to cupbop twice in the last few weeks with two different friends and didn't see JK 오빠 both times! they're getting so busy and popular that it's hard to know which location he's at anymore haha. 
i still enjoyed my yummy cupbop each time though haha. and i love that my friends love it as much as i do haha.
finally caught up with jaymie after months and it was such a great catch up! 
i also finally got to catch up with whitney. this is the first time we saw each other since new york and it was so fun haha. 

i also got to go to the state fair this year haha!
the last time i went was when i first moved here my freshman year and so it's been a really really long time.
it was fun to just walk around, shop at the little stores and eat ice-cream under the hot sun haha.
old fashion lemonade! 
the carousel is always my favorite ride 
candy apple for you? 
we've already discussed previously my love for carnivals right haha 
the ice-cream was such a lifesaver at the end of the few hours we spent at the state fair under the hot sun

this month has also been such a win cause i actually got to see rachel and baby henry when i was down in provo one saturday!
he's glaring at me haha cause he's hungry but i insisted on getting a photo with him haha 
not amused hahaha

and then this past friday we finally had our PPBH 30th anniversary party after months of planning!
it was such a fun and classy affair where we revealed our new name - we are no longer a mouthful pennapowersbrianhaynes haha we're just penna powers!
the theme of the party was lego and our tagline was building great brands for 30 years.
it was a lot of fun and reminded me why i love working for this agency so much! we have a great culture!
setting up
table centerpieces
girls corner <3
lego cupcakes
lego cookies
i didn't get to take a photo of the food but we had custom hot wings, every possible party tray from harmon's, a gelato cart and a dessert table. so good!
my team :)
we had guests from 4-9. it was pretty great.
check-in table
VIP only
cute little legos to take home at the end of the night
our 30 years lego that served as our guestbook
we had cool lego sets all over the office that guests could admire when they toured the office

september has been a pretty good month all in all despite being crazy busy at work and with party planning, etc. haha. 
so glad i get to take a little weekend vacation next week and then we'll start october! so crazy how we are less than 100 days away from christmas.
as usual, where did the year go and ahh, i'm getting older haha. 
and ahh, halloween is almost here and i don't know what i'm going to dress up as and ahh we need to plan the work halloween party haha. 

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