Monday, November 3, 2014

focus on the target;

please take me back to the weekend.
it's 11 p.m. on a monday night and i just finished blow drying my hair. 
i'm so exhausted (and yet i'm still here blogging because it's kind of therapeutic for me to just write).
i don't know how come but i've found myself working late on monday nights for awhile now.
i guess it's cause i always feel super overwhelmed at the beginning of the week and there's always lots that need to be tended to early in the week. 
like i've almost reached a point where i've kind of resigned myself to the fact that i work late on manic mondays haha. 
usually i'm exhausted after working late on monday nights and so i skip the gym even though i really need it coming back from the weekend.
tonight though, i decided i still needed to go and just sweat it all out (especially since the weather has gotten cold). 
it was a good workout and i'm sure i'll sleep well tonight.

anyway, i had a most fabulous weekend that i want to blog about.
friday night, after the afternoon halloween festivities, i met up with jess and cheryl for a fun girls' night.
we started off with thai food cause cheryl was craving thai food.
it was super funny cause we planned to go to myThai but it was closed and then we wanted to go to chanon thai and found it closed too.
and then we finally found ourselves at skewered thai and i must say i'm really glad we ate there cause it was yummy and it was just the right amount of fancy but yet not too expensive. 

we split an appetizer plate that had spring rolls, tofu, curry puffs and satay for starters.
the curry puff was actually really good. oh how i love curry puff. the rest of the stuff was good too. 
and then for main dishes, jess had the tom yum soup and pineapple cutty, cheryl had the pad kee mao and i had the pumpkin curry.
appetizer plate 
cheryl and her pad kee mao. it actually tasted like char kway teow so of course i automatically love it haha. 
jess and i with our curries. i loved my curry. pumpkin - tis' the season for it
for dessert we had the mango with sticky rice and it was so beautifully decorated. the mango slices were sliced thinly and then arranged slice by slice to form this masterpiece.

we definitely ordered way too much food and so we all had leftovers to take home.
they pack it up for you and for my curry, they packed an extra rice as well so i wouldn't have to cook extra rice at home to eat my leftovers.
must say that i was definitely impressed.
would totally go back there again!

after we ate till we were super full, we headed to our next location for our activity of the night - archery. 
i had been wanting to try archery for awhile now and then i heard that there's this place in sugarhouse that offers it and so i texted cheryl since she's my sportiest friend and that's how we planned this outing.
we got there and it was pretty empty since it was halloween night.
the guy working there was very nice and helped us get familiar with our bows and arrows and the gear we had to wear.
we asked a ton of questions since we are noobs and he was very patient with us. 

got equipped and off we went shooting arrows.
the first arrows we all shot were all kind of just all over the place haha.
but we soon got a hang of it and were actually shooting the arrows onto the target or at least the paper hahaha. 
when we first started out we weren't even sure how to do it haha. we kind of just pulled and then released hahaha.  
trying to focus and jess is all trigger happy haha
the first time my arrow went into the red zone i was super excited hahaha
we kept going and going. you can see cheryl's elbow is way too high in this photo haha.  
it was nice that the three of us had this area all to ourselves.
we went on for like an hour and then our arms started to feel tired hahaha. this was my last shot and i almost hit the very center haha. next time.
cheryl being a silly goose as usual
final shots
it was a fun adventure and we all really enjoyed ourselves. we will definitely be back again soon to sharpen our shooting skills hahaha. i love that it's such a unique activity to do too and that it's not very expensive at all.

salt lake archery
1130 wilmington ave
salt lake city, UT 84106

saturday i had the laziest day ever and just recharged, blogged, went to the temple and ended the night with "the fault in our stars."
it was perfect.

and then on sunday, i had the honor and privilege to go to talon's baby blessing.
as i was praying on sunday morning, i thanked god for letting us (my cute tight group of mission friends) meet each other through serving in vancouver and for helping us to keep in touch so that we can be there for each other through important life events. 
i know i can always count on them and it's nice to be there for each other always, especially through the big events of life. 
baby talon has grown a little bigger since the last time i saw him (babies grow so quickly!)
he was very quiet during the baby blessing and all throughout sacrament he just slept. what a sweet baby.
and then even after sacrament meeting when we were outside taking photos and passing him from one person to the other, he didn't stir at all but just slept peacefully. such a little angel. 
missing branon and marcus 
just look at him :) 
steven finally decided to hold talon haha. aww. 

after picture taking we all just hung around and chatted.
preston was already telling me that i have to name their second child and i was like, "your son is only 2 months old!"
hahaha guess i did a good job with naming his first kid so i have to name the second one too haha. no pressure you know hahaha.
preston is such a funny dad cause he likes to disturb talon but thankfully, talon doesn't wake up even when preston is moving his arms and legs around hahaha.
preston also keeps telling me that talon's eyelashes are too long and that that's not manly. and then he would whisper in talon's ear, "but i still love you." hahaha
seeing this kid good friend of mine be a dad has been so funny hahaha. 

so yeah, it was an excellent sunday until i started stressing about work and actually stayed up late to get a head start on some of the work.
and i'm glad i did since i still had to work 10 hours today despite already getting a head start.
i was actually really overwhelmed at the beginning of the day but relaxed toward the end.
and tmr, hopefully i'll be really productive in the morning because my afternoon is just packed with back to back meetings.
can't wait till the weekend comes by again!
have a wonderful week!


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