Saturday, November 1, 2014


it's november? what?
as the months have gone by this year, i haven't paid much attention or bothered much. we were a quarter way through the year (only three months, we've got a long way more to go) and then halfway through the year (yay my birthday!) and then three quarter way through the year (ooh fall leaves *distracted*) and suddenly, we're in the last two months and it's really hit me!
thanksgiving is this month and christmas is next month!!!
it's the most wonderful time of the year but that also means that winter and the snow is coming! there's a magic that comes with the snow but at the same time, i don't like bundling up like a dumpling and scraping snow off my car each morning and then driving in the snow/ice.
thankfully, the weather is still pretty warm lately (minus the mornings - feels just like winter).

well, yesterday was halloween and after being after penna powers for three halloweens now, i've actually grown to appreciate the dressing up a little more haha. 
this year, i actually made my own costume hahaha i know i know, kind of crazy but it wasn't hard at all.
i was salmon sushi and so all i had to do was make the salmon haha.
and then i dressed in all white and i was the rice haha. and looking back at last year's costume, i realized that i've had a white-based costume two years in a row now (last year i wore all white as well since i was flo the progressive girl). i see a theme haha. maybe i'll continue that tradition into next year. 

everyone was so impressed with my sewing skills but really, i have VERY limited sewing skills. just whatever i picked up from home econs classes in secondary school haha.
and i still don't know how to operate a sewing machine and that's why i had to hand sew my costume haha. 
very minimal materials needed - orange felt, white ribbon, orange thread and black ribbon/fabric for the band. first, you cut the orange felt into a fish shape.
then you just do blanket stitch throughout the whole border of the orange felt. leave a small portion at the end to put the stuffing in before sealing it up. 
after you have stuffed it, it looks like that (pardon my pajamas haha) and you top it off with white ribbon placed diagonally across the top (i used a hot glue gun to attach the ribbons on). 
and ta-da, here's the final product. you might also want to sew the sides of the black fabric to your salmon so that it's easier for you to tie the band onto you without it rolling up and moving all over the place. 
as for the wasabi+picked ginger headpiece, all you need is a black elastic headband, some green felt and your leftover orange felt. 

and there you have it, my total DIY salmon sushi costume haha. 
i spent a total of less than $10 on my whole costume!
all my fellow sushi lovers knew immediately what i was but others (those who don't really like sushi/don't eat it much) had a harder time guessing, "goldfish? fish backpack?" hahahaha.
when i first got to work and my best friends at work (girls' corner) couldn't guess what i was for awhile, i was about to start crying hahaha. but thankfully, they finally got it and i sucked my tears back in hahaha. 
we started the day with photos and then we took a walk around the office to see everyone's costumes

it's really fun to work in an agency where everyone dresses up because then you don't feel like such an idiot and also it brings a fun atmosphere to the workplace.
we had everything from bob ross (two of them actually. and in fact, four of them actually had that same idea but thankfully only two showed up in it) to captain ron to coworkers dressing up as each other (this was one of my favorite things to see cause a few people in the basement dressed up as each other and it was hilarious!) haha. 
happy halloween from penna powers

all of us were pretty distracted at work the whole day.
i had a conference call first thing in the morning and then worked on a couple of stuff here and then but by the time it was 11:30 a.m., i was getting pretty distracted and just wanted to have the party haha.
we finally got the party started at 12:15 p.m.
we started with our annual chili cook-off
we had seven different chilis to try 
everyone tasting the chili with tasting cups
cheese balls and crackers and all sorts of rolls and cheese sticks for starters 
everyone hanging around and chatting it up

all through lunch we had people voting for the best chili, the costume contest and the pumpkin carving contest.
for the costume contest, we had four categories: most original, scariest, you're making everyone uncomfortable, and most predictable (you would wear that).

for most original, we had jason, abby and krystal. 
jason was wreck-it ralph, abby was the comic pop art girl and krystal was (i actually don't know what she was but she crocheted her whole beard so that was super cool)

for scariest, we had becky, michelle and kenny.
becky was crazy night lady (?), michelle was tyson (a coworker) and kenny was some scary guy from a movie i have never seen (he was really scary! when i first saw him he was in his office and i seriously got a shock - he never turns on the light in his office and his office is in the basement and he has a lot of black and white posters hanging and so he kind of blended in and it was just terrifying haha)

for you're making everyone uncomfortable, we had tyson, michelle and vince
tyson was captain ron (tyson almost always has the costume with the least amount of clothes each year haha), michelle was tyson (haha) and vince was the easter bunny (and guess what, his costume was made 40 years ago and so it's vintage haha)

for most predictable (you would wear that), we had tyson, brian and brent
tyson always has the most inappropriate costumes so he would totally wear that, brian loves star wars (his whole desk is decked out in star wars stuff) and as for brent, he usually wears his motorcross uniform every year and this year, he just came decked out in our PPBH baseball gear from last year as a PPBH baller. predictable haha. 

for the other contests, erico won the best chili again (three years in a row! and the best part is he just makes it up every year haha).
buhler won best pumpkin carving. hers was actually SUPER cool!
look, it's yoda!

we also had a screaming contest that was hilarious to judge.
and then all throughout the day, we had little kids come round the office in their costumes to pick up candy. it's so fun to see everyone's kids every year especially since i usually only see them twice a year and so they grow so quickly!
katie's baby is SO smiley! baby yoda haha
meth addict, evil queen, sushi, wilma and 80s gym girl 
girls' corner hanging with julene the meth addict haha

so that was our halloween.
i hope you had a fun halloween as well.
till the next halloween, i'm glad i don't have to worry about another costume for awhile more hahaha.


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