Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 recap;

i've slacked off on the whole blogging thing since the beginning of november.
but, to be fair, i was honestly crazy busy the whole time leading up to my christmas vacation. 
there were so many work things to take care of and personal things to take care of as well. this year, i finished (i had to) all my christmas shopping and shipping by the second week of december. amazing huh. and that includes writing all the christmas cards as well! and you know how long-winded i am when it comes to writing cards. so yeah, i was pretty impressed with myself esp. since i was working 10-12 hour long days too. 

anyway, i just wanted to do a quick review of my 2014 since i try to do that each year. 
2014 has been pretty good to me compared to 2013. 
the whole 2014 in general was pretty smooth sailing except for a few hiccups here and there. there were definitely very few moments in 2014 when i truly felt down.
although it was pretty dry in the love department for the most part, i feel like my relationships with my family and friends were strengthened and i even reconnected with quite a few old friends. 
i lost some very close friends at the beginning of the year and i thought that would really affect me but weirdly, it hasn't. in the past when i've lost close friends, it's haunted me for years and left me hurting for a long time. i thought it would be the same this time and was kind of preparing myself for it. but strangely, i've forgotten about it pretty quickly and important details from those friendships have fallen out of my mind and life and i no longer remember. i don't know if it's part of growing up and being able to handle things better or if it's cause it was the right thing to do. either way, i'm glad to not have to deal with the pain. 

work has been really good besides being super busy.
we just received a big fat bonus and i also received a pay raise this year. 
i continue to love my job and am learning a lot as i get new responsibilities and challenges. 
i've also had the opportunity to participate in some campaigns this year and it's been fun being in commercials and billboards. all my friends keep telling me they saw me at the movies and i just laugh. 

some other highlights of the year include:

  • being able to spend 3 weeks in singapore for chinese new year this year.
visiting ah po's finished grave for the first time this year
fooling around with my silly family 
spending lots and lots of time with my jc class clique who always make time for me no matter what - i always get priority above everything else (super sweet of them)
  • reuniting with vicki after 3 long years! and meeting her husband and baby for the first time. 
  • making a trip back to new york in march after not being able to make a trip out there last year.
  • living with my older sister for a couple of months while i was looking for a new place to move to. it's always such a blast to live with your siblings. also, coming home to her yummy home cooked food everyday after a hard day of work. so grateful for her!
  • going to disneyland not just once but twice in the span of a couple of months.
  • embarking on trips alone after my sister left to go home to singapore - i was nervous at first but found it very therapeutic and freeing after the first trip.
  • getting lots of beach time in - salty hair and beautiful weather.
  • finding out that my best friend melissa is expecting! it's a boy and he's due to arrive in 2 weeks! can't wait!
  • meeting jk 오빠 - he's seriously been such a blessing. i don't believe that we met by accident - he's the nicest, happiest person ever and having him in my life just makes me feel grateful all the time. it's a weird feeling to even describe - he just brings such light. 
  • reconnecting with some of my best girlfriends from sophomore year.
  • baby talon coming into this world!
  • having some of the funnest times with these lovely ladies i've grown to love so much in the girls' corner - they are seriously there for me all the time and even when we see each other everyday at work, sometimes we still miss each other on the weekends and will chat in our group message.
we're full of laughter all the time in our little corner
  • sister chen returning home from her mission and the chen sisters celebrating our reunion with a long awaited korea trip!!!
  • having the privilege to return home to singapore both during chinese new year and over christmas break.
  • buying christmas presents for my whole family and watching their joyful faces as they opened each gift that i put a lot of thought into.
  • buying nanta show tickets for my whole family and i while we were on vacation in seoul and watching everyone laugh till tears were coming out - such a priceless moment that was worth every single dollar i paid.
  • being together as a family for both christmas and new year's. my family is the most important thing to me in my life. without them, i am nothing. they are always there for me and always love me even when i'm grumpy and not nice. when i come across hard times in my life, they're always there providing solutions or moral support. they go out of their way to accommodate me at times and always want what's best for me. as i've grown older, my appreciation for them has grown so much and i'm grateful that our family is eternal. now that i have a stable income, i like to offer to pay for meals and such here and there but my parents still like to make sure they pay for most things and sometimes when i pay for small things here and there they will still make sure they pay me back. i guess that to my parents we will always be their little girls :)

and many many more moments in 2014 that i will keep with me in my heart.

in 2015, i hope:
  • my parents would stop nagging me to get married (kidding but really)
  • to fall in love
  • to be successful at work
  • to continue to strengthen relationships
  • to worry less
  • to care less about unimportant things
  • to focus on Christ
  • to go on many fun trips
  • to go with the flow sometimes and not freak out about not having everything all planned out haha
  • to develop and understand myself more
  • to shop less and save more haha
and the list goes on.

2015, let's go!


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