Thursday, January 15, 2015

korea trip day five;

breaking away from reading "unbroken" to blog about korea trip day five. 
by day five, i actually started to feel sad because how did we already get to day five! how did we already only have a few more days left in korea hahaha.
we slept in once again and headed out a little later since our program for the morning was to walk around insadong, meaning right outside our hotel haha.
we explored ssamziegil.
went all the way to the top to get to the wall of love, ate more poop bread, slowly made our way down level by level, exploring all the little artsy stores.
the ssamziegil sign with a cute christmas wreath
사랑의 담장
wall of love - kind of like the locks at namsan tower
saw this really cool wall with angel wings 
i loved how the place was designed so that you just slowly walk down to the next level until you reach the bottom - no need for stairs

after we finished exploring ssamziegil, we were just walking and we noticed a long line for dumplings in this little alley and so we followed the crowd to get some good food haha.
piping hot dumplings!
we ordered the combination dumplings which came with three different types of dumplings
the fried dumpling was soooo good 
they kind of have the same smile in this photo hahaha

after eating, we spent some time shopping for souvenirs - insadong is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs that are korean culture-related haha.
i bought quite a lot of things i must admit. the usual stuff - korea socks, pretty korean pouches, magnets, touristy stuff hahaha.
then we went to the tourist information center to try on hanboks and take photos haha.
this is one of my favorite things to do when i'm in korea because come on, the hanboks are sooooo pretty!
i didn't love my experience this time though because the lady there was super rude.
granted, she was probably grumpy cause she had to work through her lunch. but in my defense, i was willing to come back at a later time but her coworker said it's fine, she can help us at that time and then just leave later. 
if that's the case, that's your own problem and you shouldn't be grumpy hmph.
and then she made me wear a hanbok that i didn't really want to wear and insisted that that one was nice. urghhh.
oh well, we still got pretty hanbok photos taken so whatever.
outdoor shots 
they really limit you now. when i took them in the past, we could go out and walk for like an hour and then return and that's how i got much cooler photos the last time. but this time, even stepping out and crossing the street made the woman mad. omg.  
felt like a palace empress in the one she chose for me. and, i wore a top with a high collar and it totally showed so i was upset about that too hahaha. oh well. 

did a little more shopping in the insadong area before heading out to lunch.
on our way to the subway station, we saw that the hotteok store was open and so we stopped to get one. hotteok is like my favorite thing ever.
i'm obsessed with hotteok and ate one almost every time i saw a store hahaha. oops.
we got the one with veggie and cheese as well as a regular honey one.
the veggie and cheese one was soooooo good! and it was really funny cause he was making ours and there was a cute grandma who was waiting for her order and then she saw ours and she was like, "what is that?" and the guy told her, "veggie and cheese" and she was like, "why didn't you recommend that one to me?" and he told that it's up on the menu. 
she kept looking at all the signs and couldn't find it and so we pointed to the sign for her haha.
and then she ordered one as well haha.
we had to wait awhile while he cooked our order though because it was crowded and omg i was freezing! my fingers were so super cold hahaha.
happy us with our hotteok 
look at all the yummy ingredients!

for lunch, we went to tongin for fried tteokbokki again haha.
our plan was actually to try the dosirak cafe this time but we decided that we only cared for the fried tteokbokki and so we went back and had our fill haha. this time we had bindaetteok too.
and finally on day five, we finally had kimbap hahaha.
kimbap is like an all-time favorite for us too but we were too busy eating so many other things we hadn't gotten down to having kimbap yet and so we finally did haha.
so much work to make this goodness

after lunch, we headed over to the national palace museum to explore for a little bit and then just as we entered gyeongbokgung, they announced that they were closing at 5 that day since it's christmas eve hahaha.
so we seriously just walked in and took two photos and then left :(
our two photos hahaha. it's a pretty pretty place though haha.

headed over to dongdaemun design plaza after to check out the special flower lights display at the rooftop.
found these super fun chairs to play on on our way up hahaha.
the display was really super super pretty. miles and miles of flower lights! 
us with the lights 
the lights and the lighted buildings in the backdrop - so gorgeous! 
and another, just because hahaha

since we were in dongdaemun, you can only guess what we did for the next few hours haha.
shopping at dongdaemun is kind of pricey now in my opinion.
it used to be a lot cheaper but not anymore.
you can still find pretty cheap stuff at am/pm but for the most part, you can find the same thing at other places for cheaper.
we had a really funny experience while we were shopping though haha.
we were just window shopping for the most part and we walked past this one shop selling idol stuff and so we glanced and just walked since we're not really into that kind of stuff and then the shop owner stopped us and started telling us, "you all eye shopping. you walk and you eye shopping and you don't want to buy. this morning, malaysia singapore hong kong all come eye shopping. this one my store 10,000 outside 12,000 but still you eye shopping don't want to buy and then you come back."
we were soooo confused at first and then finally got the gist of what he was saying after he repeated the same thing over and over and over again haha.
and he would not stop! 
he kept going on and on for a long time until i was so frustrated and i just picked something up to buy so we could leave.
and still he kept going on and on and even after we paid, he gave us his card and told us to tell our friends to come (crazy!) and went on about eye shopping again.
i seriously think we were stuck there for at least 45 mins. nightmare haha.

and everytime i go to dongdaemun, i always go to donghwa banjeom for my favorite black bean sauce noodles (짜장면). classic item to eat haha.
the best combination: 짜장면+탕수육+짬뽕. craving 짜장면 as i type this hahaha.

and that was how we celebrated our christmas eve haha.
we really wanted to buy a goguma cake to celebrate but we couldn't find a bakery for the life of us (bakeries are everywhere, just not when we need them hahaha) so we gave up hahaha and that was our night. 


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