Wednesday, January 14, 2015

korea trip day four;

i'm not even halfway through blogging about our korea trip yet haha but i'm actually liking the day by day recap cause it makes me relive my dream trip.
day four started out with a long train ride to check out something arty.
i heard about a cartoon mural alley in gangdong and so we decided to head there to check it out.
there were so many different murals spread out throughout this little neighborhood and it was super cute.
they're numbered too and there's a map showing you which direction to go to find them all.
it made the little neighborhood come alive for sure.
the entrance - the sign reads, "gangpul comics alley/street" 
the welcome sign inviting you to come in
we took a whole lot of photos but here are a few. you can look on facebook for all the other photos. we took a photo of almost all the murals. 
sam had to squat or sit down a lot to fit within the picture hahaha #tallgirlproblems haha
i asked her to give me a dancey pose and this is what i got cause she pulled a muscle and so her legs were really hurting hahaha 
rissa's favorite mural 
"i want to be a fool for you only" awwwww 
they were supposed to look like they were talking and laughing. they look like they're yawning hahaha 
pretty cherry blossoms 
i love how elaborate some of them are
the streets are marked by these painted pillars so you know you're walking in the right area to find the different murals 
this was probably my favorite one - it tells the story of the grandpa (bottom left hand corner) finding his way up to the grandma. so cute and so colorful!
doesn't she look like the girl on the wall? haha 
붕어빵 - fish shaped pastries with red bean/custard filling 
i loved how some of the murals were on the storefronts

after doing our morning arty walk, we headed to sindangdong for my favorite meal ever.
i always always go to sindangdong when i'm in korea and honestly, if i could only eat one meal in korea, this would be my choice haha.
it's the tteokbokki street and all the stores sell the same thing - rabokki which is basically tteokbokki with ramen and other yummy ingredients in it.
i mean, just look at that!
it starts out like this - they give you the portion according to how many people you have so you can see that since we had three people, there are three eggs and three fried dumplings. 
and looks like this when it's ready to be consumed
i can eat this again and again and again hahaha

in the afternoon, we headed over to our favorite shopping spot.
when we first discovered this place in 2006, it was still unknown to most people but now everyone knows about it and so it's a lot more crowded now and it makes me sad haha.
it's the express bus terminal underground shopping center.
the stores just go on forever and it's super cheap and since it's underground, it's perfect for winter shopping because you can hide from the cold (i did get really warm though and had to take off my coat, etc. haha).
same thing, super great pricing - you can get blouses, skirts, dresses, all for only 10,000 won each or at most 15,000 won.
i just picked and paid, picked and paid once again hahaha. 
they also have all the different cosmetic shops there so you can shop for all your make-up and facial products at the same place haha. 
i think day four i bought like 4 tops, two bags, one pajama pants and more hahaha. 
once again, no photos from shopping but here's a photo i got off google so you can see the endless row of shops hahaha (definitely a guy's worse nightmare):

after shopping, we stopped at yet another cafe.
this time, a kakaotalk cafe.
i don't know if you're familiar with kakaotalk but kakaotalk is the text messaging app all koreans use. they don't use normal text. everyone uses this app to message their friends.
it's kind of like whatsapp for the rest of us.
anyway, kakaotalk has some really cute characters and one of the characters looks a lot like rissa and so we wanted to check out this cafe hahaha.
we bought some manjoo to munch on - this is one of my favorite snacks in korea and can be found at a lot of the subway stations 
it's a custard filled little cakey thing haha. so good! 
rissa and her doppleganger haha
all the different characters and the merchandise available for purchase
rissa chilling with her friends hahaha 
they had cute huge plushies of the characters around the cafe. we ordered mango, citron and berry smoothies and they were yummy! the berry one was a little weird (haha sam's again!)
just chilling

when in korea, you have to eat their famous fried chicken.
we were too chicken to try to call for chicken delivery service because they speak SUPER FAST haha and so we headed over to hanchu in garosugil for our fried chicken fix. 
it's a hot favorite joint for fried chicken and it was really crowded on a tuesday night.
we ordered half 양념 chicken (seasoned with sauce) and half regular fried chicken as well as fried peppers.
the fried peppers were stuffed with meat and then fried in batter. super good!
as for the chicken, i definitely still prefer seasoned chicken over the regular fried chicken any day.
and of course, people usually eat their chicken with beer (chimaek) but since we don't drink, we just had it with cider haha.
it's super funny cause we actually ordered the fried vegetables but they ended up giving us this and it was amazing! 
there was a lot of sauce so we actually just dipped our remaining regular fried chicken (after we had each tried it on its own first) in the sauce and made it all seasoned chicken hahaha

it was the perfect portion for three of us to share and we didn't have to crawl home super full hahaha.

we were in korea at the end of the year so there were lots of year end awards shows playing on tv each night and so we would go home each night and just watch tv till like 1 a.m. or so haha.
the joys of just watching the shows live instead of having to watch video clips the day after it plays hahaha. 
and you know how they always give out the big awards at the end (daesang).
well, some nights it really killed us cause our favorite mc was nominated for all the daesangs and we would have to stay up till the very end to see if he won haha.
and then immediately after, we would all take off our glasses, turn off the tv and go to bed since we were all already lying in bed with the lights off just waiting to hear the results haha.
we're such silly kids haha but it was fun for us since we all understand each other hahaha.

day four done.
almost halfway through haha.


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