Sunday, January 18, 2015

korea trip day seven;

on day seven, we were up pretty early but were kind of just waiting on our parents to text us when they were up haha.
they slept in (they were probably dead tired from all the traveling and what not the day before) and so we didn't end up meeting up till 11 plus.
it was quite difficult to meet up actually cause once they left their hotel they had no wifi since the egg was with us haha.
so we tried to estimate the time from when they left the hotel.
and then of course i had to use the toilet before we left and then on our way to the subway station, i saw a shop selling cute tops and they were on sale and so of course i had to stop to buy them (i would have shopped more if not for the fact that we were running late).
so yes, by the time we got to the subway station we figured that they must have been waiting for awhile already. oops sorry.
and then we didn't communicate properly which part of the subway station to meet. 
all we told them was, "don't tap out."
so we tapped in and didn't see them around and so we went downstairs and walked from one end to the other but couldn't find them.
my sister went up and tried to look for them as well but to no avail.
in the end, my daddy ended up calling us and we finally located each other hahaha.

we decided to head out to lunch first since it was almost noon.
headed to gwangjang market to get our fill of korean food haha.
they have a lot of different stores selling everything from bibimbap to pancakes to tteokbokki, etc. but they're most famous for their mayak kimbap - mayak literally meaning addictive haha.
we walked through and had a hard time deciding which store we wanted to eat at.
we just followed my dad's lead and he just sat down at a store that he observed to have a lot of customers hahaha.
we didn't even have to order and decide specifically what we wanted.
the ahjumma just gave us small portions of each thing and it was great cause we got to eat our favorite fishcake in soup, tteokbokki, mayak kimbap, japchae, etc. 
my daddy asked us to turn to face him for a photo right when we were all in the middle of chewing and thus this photo with full mouths and no teeth smiles hahaha
the bustling market
look at all those yummy pancakes. we also ate bindaetteok - mung bean pancake, one of the famous things at the market as well and this one had a ton of bean sprouts so my mother loved it but i preferred the one we had at tongin market haha. so we bought the bindaetteok and continued walking and then it was quite hard to eat while walking. we got to this fruits store and we were just looking at the fruits too and the grandma was so nice - she set up chairs for us to sit even when we didn't buy anything from her store yet. made my day!
it was super crowded! we ended our eating tour of gwangjang at the kalguksu store at the entrance of the market. the noodles were handmade and the dumplings too and it was so so so good since it was so cold hahaha. 

after eating lunch, we split up cause my mother wanted to go to the my love from another star exhibition but the rest of them had no interest so i brought her there while the rest went shopping at namdaemun.
the exhibition was way too far away (all the way in goyang) and was okay i guess haha
i want her shoe collection hahaha
okay i don't think she's that pretty but she's a good actress for sure
THE balcony haha
 they were selling this coat of hers everywhere in dongdaemun haha it was kind of funny
do min joon's library
cheon song yi's super stylish room
i think i loved the photos part of the exhibition more than seeing the actual set haha
do min joon's bedroom
cheon song yi's massive house

after we were done, we headed back to the parents' hotel to meet up with the rest of the fam bam and headed out to dinner.
we ate at bongchu jjimdak.
they only have one dish on their menu and that's andong chicken - it's a seasoned and simmered chicken dish that is absolutely delicious.
i expected it to be super crowded but thank goodness it was fine and we were seated immediately.
so on the menu there are basically just two options - boneless chicken or chicken with bones and then you choose which size you want.
we got the large size obviously and asked for it to be spicy.
are you drooling yet? there's chicken, potatoes, carrots and vermicelli noodles in there
piping hot
all set and ready to attack the food haha
enjoying the food hahaha. it was probably my second favorite meal in korea.

after dinner, we walked around for a little bit more and had my favorite super tall ice-cream and then went for our show.
mango and yogurt twist ice-cream - so yummy!!! last time they used to only have vanilla, chocolate or vanilla/chocolate twist. now they have so many other flavors. 

so i've been to korea 4 times now and during my previous visits we never watched nanta and so i decided that this time i would treat my family to the show.
i bought the second most expensive tickets so our seats were pretty good.
i had heard great reviews about the show but honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect.
and oh my, it was fantastic!
the cast is so talented and it was so so so funny i think we were all in tears laughing haha.
if you're ever in korea, you have to go watch it!
they don't really talk and basically it's all body language and majority of the show they use cooking and props to perform so you don't need to know any korean to enjoy the show. 
it was honestly so worth the money to see my family laugh so much hahaha.
they have a cute backdrop you can take photos with outside the theater
the stage from where we were
it was a pretty small theater and so it made for a pretty interactive experience too because they really engage with the audience

after the show we did a little bit more myeongdong walking.
i honestly love myeongdong cause there's shopping and eating all at one place.
the only thing i don't like is how aggressive the cosmetic shops are.
that's why i rather buy cosmetics from other areas of seoul since all the cosmetic shops have multiple franchises all around.
myeongdong is just too scary.
and i don't like it when they think i'm from china and speak to me in chinese hahaha.
all the make-up things i don't know how to say in chinese anyway hahaha.
the parents and the myeongdong christmas tree (and the crowd hahaha)

so that was our day seven.
myeongdong is the best place for all the different street snacks.
we ate a ton of them but obviously i forgot to take a lot of photos haha i will do better next time. fly me back to korea now hahaha.


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