Saturday, January 17, 2015

korea trip day six;

on the sixth day of our korea trip, we welcomed my parents to our favorite land of kimchi haha.
my mother was excited but my father was definitely not as excited about it at all haha.
korean food, the cold and the endless flights of stairs were definitely not his definition of a vacation hahaha. 
but still, he always gives in to us hahaha. i think he had to be thankful that he only had to be in korea for 4 days instead of the 9 days my sisters and i were there hahaha. 

we headed over to their hotel early in the morning and started off with breakfast at isaac toast.
isaac toast serves many different varieties of toast and always has a pretty long queue due to its popularity with tourists as well.
there is one close to the myeongdong subway station, exit 5 and that's the one we went to.
standing in line - the line was crazy long haha 
getting there hahaha - they stuck us in the line and left since they don't speak korean hahaha
i got the bulgalbi toast with cheese and we all had a melon/banana milk as well haha. i had already had a banana milk in the morning but that wasn't stopping me from having a melon milk hahaha. remember my milk obsession?

we all ate our toast deliciously and quickly too cause they put a sauce in there that kind of just oozes out all over the place.
super satisfying hahaha. 

and then our first stop of the day was namsan tower - every tourist's favorite place to go.
it's such a korean landmark and i had been there before but my older sister hadn't ever been there so that's why i planned it in.
my father will tell you what a torture it was to climb up the steep slope haha but we made it to the top and the view was good haha.
since it was christmas day, it was actually packed with lots of couples hahaha.
seoul from above 
with a shadow of namsan tower in it 
korea's highest post office - they sell postcards with postage and you can write and send your postcards directly from up there // my city hehe 
i loved how they had these stickers on their glass that just adds to the beautiful scene 
namsan tower is famous for its couple locks and since it was christmas, they actually made trees out of the locks. very creative haha 
at the regular locks section - a lot of rusty locks haha 
namsan tower and the pink etude house christmas tree

took the cable car back down and then walked back to the parents' hotel since it wasn't that far away.
the parents checked in and then we decided to go to myeongdong to just walk and eat the snacks along the way.
bad bad bad idea hahaha.
since it was christmas day, it was so so so so so super crowded i got so frustrated hahaha.
we ate some street food, walked around a little bit and then decided to just go somewhere else to find some food.
enjoying some spicy tteokgalbi meatballs
we went to nolboo for dinner cause my parents are familiar with that place and they like it 
it was kind of a bad experience cause i felt like the guy cheated us into adding a lot of unnecessary things into our budae and i was kind of mad hahaha

we continued exploring the streets of myeongdong after until we decided it wasn't worth it anymore and just decided to go back and turn in early hahaha.
my parents were probably super tired from their red eye flight anyway. 
and so that was our christmas, pretty uneventful but at least we got to spend it altogether.
my favorite people ever


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