Tuesday, January 13, 2015

korea trip day three;

day three started out a little later because we were kind of up late the night before and come on, we were on vacation so i let everyone sleep in quite a bit.
by the time we were ready to leave the house, it was almost lunch time haha.
our plan was to go to tongin market and try the dosirak (lunchbox) thing that they do - you get a lunch tray and a string of coins. you go around the market and choose what food items you want and pay accordingly with the coins.
but, the dosirak cafe was closed and so we kind of had to change our plans.
the fried tteokbokki (rice cakes) is the famous thing at tongin market and so we decided to just try some fried tteokbokki and then head back to a cafe near our hotel. 

there were many stores selling fried tteokbokki and we just picked the one closest to us that was really popular. 
we were looking and discussing for a little bit and the cute grandma was like, "한국사람 아니야?" (are you not koreans?) and we responded "no" in korean haha. so i think it kind of confused her but she told us to go inside and sit cause it's cold.
and then she continued to speak to us in korean the whole way cause i think she somehow figured out that although we're not koreans, we can understand and speak korean haha. 
we ordered one serving of the red pepper paste tteokbokki and one serving of the soy sauce tteokbokki. oh and soondae (blood sausage).
she was so nice and gave us a free perilla leaves dish - it was like egg wrapped in perilla leaves and fried. 
the tteokbokki was sooooo good!
we were so happy eating haha. i really liked the soy sauce one. it was simple and tasty.
the cute grandma 
red pepper paste // soy sauce // fried egg wrapped in perilla leaves 
happy us enjoying our food in the warm seating area with a heated fan blowing and heated seats

after our little snack, we headed back to insadong for our real lunch haha.
we ate at 별다방미스리 (miss lee cafe).
if you watch we got married, it's the cafe that yongseo couple went to on one of their dates.
i love the traditional metal box 도시락 that they sell - so simple but yet so good. it's kimchi, a fried egg, rice and ham in a metal box and you shake the box to mix it all up and then you eat.
it's a pretty small cafe. the stairs lead up to a small second level seating. but they have a button at each table for you to ring the bell when you're ready to order and once you press it they really come super quickly so it's super awesome.  
posing with 용~ ㅋ ㅋ  the one korean celebrity i support hahaha
they had the signatures of all the celebrities that have visited the cafe and i love how they made it so colorful because it makes for a cute wall decoration 
the table and menu 
we ordered one of the sets and it came with two seaweed soups, a tteokbokki (we can eat tteokbokki all day everyday), two lunchboxes, some traditional rice cakes and a bing soo (shaved ice dessert). omg the bing soo was to die for! so good! and the set was way too much for the three of us to finish by the way hahaha. 
rissa drew this amazing drawing and we wrote some stuff on it 
and then we hung it up on their tree full of notes haha. i almost pulled the whole tree down trying to hang our note up high hahaha.

after eating our fill, we headed over to ewha to do some major shopping haha.
if you're not familiar with korea shopping, all the good shopping is located around the universities.
and, the shopping is cheap!
i just combed the streets and pretty much everything was 10,000 won (US$10~) so i just picked and paid, picked and paid hahaha. 
it was so so so great hahaha. 
finally got to shop at artbox as well and sigh, artbox in korea is so cheap i love it!
didn't take any photos at ewha (oops) cause i was way too busy shopping hahaha.

after shopping, we headed to hongdae (again) to check out thanks nature cafe.
i know a lot of people go to korea just to check out the cafes at garosugil but honestly, i'm not really a cafe person and if i go to korea, i want to eat the korean food, not drink coffee and eat pastries at the cafes hahaha. but, personal preferences.
anyway, that being said, i wanted to check out thanks nature cause it's a cafe with live sheep! haha
the owner actually has live sheep in a cute little area right outside the cafe.
when we first got there the sheep were out and about since the owner was playing with them and we decided to go inside the cafe to have our drinks first.
bad idea because after we were done they went into their little house and refused to come out haha.
this was the best picture i could get of the sheep :(
in the end we had to make do with the plushies sigh. 

besides playing with the sheep, we also had waffles and hot citron tea at the cafe.
ooh the hot citron tea was so good - perfect amount of sweetness and the waffle was good too! we got the banana one.
look at the pretty waffle! the pinkish drink is sam's citron tea with pomegranate (i think? can't remember). in my opinion it tasted weird hahaha but she liked it so i guess that's all that matters.

we spent more time walking around hongdae again and came across this store selling fried squid that's super popular (we saw it our first night in hongdae) and so we decided to try it
they have the original flavor, spicy and sweet onion. we tried the spicy and it was good. 
it's really huge haha 
sam took a bite and got a huge piece stuck in her mouth hahaha

we spent the rest of our night walking around hongdae again, trying to walk off some of the food we ate so we could go for our planned dinner (we seriously just ate and ate and ate - that's what happens when there's so much good food to eat and time is limited hahaha).
we finally went for dinner pretty late and honestly, i felt like i totally wasted my stomach space cause the dinner was okayyyyy.
we had dinner at 팔색 삼겹살 (palsaek samgyeopsal) which is basically pork belly in 8 different marinades.
the concept of it seemed interesting and that's why i planned it in but the food was so-so and it was very much geared toward tourists.
the 8 marinades: ginger, wine, ginseng, pine leaves, herb, garlic, hot and miso paste. i liked the miso paste and garlic one and the rest were err okay haha.  
the 8 marinades pork belly set came with a seafood soybean paste soup, unlimited flow of lettuce to wrap your meat in, salad, kimchi, bean sprouts and mushrooms. 
this is how you're supposed to wrap it and eat it 
eating our wraps

so that was day three and by day three, sam was starting to complain about the roundness of her face but the eating didn't stop hahahaha.


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