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korea trip day two;

korea trip day two.
we started out with bread from a bakery near our hotel and banana milk for breakfast.
banana milk banana milk. i could drink it everyday! 
and yes, they do sell it here in a different packaging but for some strange reason, it just doesn't taste as good :(
and no, i'm not being ridiculous. it really doesn't taste the same haha.
i drank banana/melon milk almost everyday in korea and sometimes even twice in a day haha.
it's so cheap in korea too!
don't mind my messy hair and morning fresh face hahaha

our first stop for the morning was the KBS building at yeouido. 
okay, i don't even know why we went but it was an unfulfilled thing from my last korea trip and so i just wanted to go haha.
they have an exhibition hall that you can explore and learn more about the history of broadcasting.
it was actually pretty cool to me since i'm in the comms industry hahaha. 
we actually were stuck on the first level for a really really long time just playing with the huge touch screen hahaha cheap thrill.
then we went up and there were a few fun things to do like be a newscaster and a weather person, etc. 
they all just made me do it and then stood there and laughed at me. so mean 
the famous blue screen 
posing nicely and making me the only retarded one
my turn to humiliate them - i made them re-enact the pose hahaha
when you hit on the red button at the desk, it starts the news segment and you have to read what's on the screen. it was pretty fun reading the screen and pretending to be newscasters hahaha. 
hanging out outside. they have benches you can sit at and look in on their live radio programs that are recording. 
to get to the KBS building, take the subway to national assembly station. people will tell you that you can take the subway to yeouido as well but that's quite the walk. national assembly station is much closer. 

after our little visit to KBS, we headed over to the han river to buy our ferry tickets and omg, it was so so so so so so so so cold. i cannot emphasize enough how cold it was.
han river is quite the location to go in the summer but don't ever ever ever go there in the winter haha.
it was so miserable walking to the ferry ticket office and back to the subway station.
all of us were just walking in silence hahaha. i eventually ended up running cause i wanted to shorten my misery haha. 
after freezing in the cold, we headed over to gongdeok where we planned to go to the pancake alley for lunch. 
take exit 5 from the subway station and walk about 5 minutes until you see it on your left.
you'll pass the pig's feet alley first.
pancake alley was like paradise for us.
every single type of battered thing and pancake was available and they just give you a basket and tongs and you just pick all you want!
once you're done, you hand the basket to them and they tell you to go and sit down while they prepare your food.
you can't really tell but our basket was really really full hahaha! it was so heavy haha.
all the food we ordered haha. they give you side dishes and a bowl of soup to go with everything.
the best part was, it was so cheap. our total bill was 24,000 won.

after eating our fill, we headed over to gwanghwamun square where the famous king sejong and lee soon shin statues are. the statues are right by the sejong performing arts center - also a cool place to explore. 
we started at the cute gift shop (cuvid) located at the subway exit out to the statues where i bought cute korean pattern nail wraps haha. kind of excited (and also kind of can't bear) to try them haha. 
cute right?
the king sejong statue. king sejong is famous for helping to create the korean alphabet (hangul) and he was a great king.
 it was so cold and so we were walking super slowly because the wind was blowing like crazy haha. during the warmer months, they have king's costumes you can put on and take photos with for free. 
trying our best to pose nicely for the photo despite feeling super cold hahaha

if you walk behind the king sejong statue, there are stairs leading down to a sejong museum and lee soon shin museum.
it's pretty nice to explore and to hide from the cold for a little bit hahaha.
the entrance 
there was a special art exhibition going on and they had really pretty paintings! 
i love this one! it says, "As expected, you look the prettiest when you're smiling." 
this one is cute too. it says, "thank you for coming back." 
and they had cute benches with the korean characters hahaha
the famous lee soon shin turtle battle ship. the lee soon shin section was actually pretty fun cause they had some hands on activities and games that you could play. 
and then one of the big reasons why i wanted to explore the museum - getting to write your name in calligraphy hahaha. i still have that piece of paper in my room hahaha. 

after we finished exploring the museum, it was still too early for dinner before our ferry ride and so we headed over to kyobo (a huge korean bookstore) and omg, it was so so so crowded haha. 
it was a sunday and the last weekend before christmas so my guess is everyone was doing their last minute christmas shopping there.
we squeezed around there for a little bit and then just gave up and decided to go for dinner hahaha.
for dinner, we went to this little little restaurant called gwanghwamun 집 (which means house or home).
it was a really homey restaurant indeed with such good food!
it is not easy to find though cause it's down this super dark alley and the sign is not even lit so you won't really spot it if you can't read korean haha. 
they only have a few items on their menu and they're famous for their kimchi chigae and 계란말이 (rolled egg).
the space was really really small. behind sam you can see their little kitchen and then the stairs lead up to a second level for seating but i suspect it's super small as well.  
on the first level, there were at most 6 tables? 
the rolled egg and the side dishes 
piping hot kimchi stew that was perfect for the cold day

we finished our food pretty quickly since there were people waiting. since the restaurant is so small you have to stand outside and wait until they call you in when a table is ready. 
the grandpa who was taking our table apologized cause he could tell we hurried cause he was waiting. we were like "괜찮아요 괜찮아요" which means "it's okay it's okay."

we then headed over to the han river for our ferry cruise.
we were super dreading having to walk in the cold again to the ferry dock and thankfully we brought our heat packs out.
although, it was so cold i could barely even feel anything hahaha.
we made it over and got on our ferry.
there was a tour group from thailand (?) that was on our cruise and they were so noisy it was kind of frustrating.
we took the pang pang show ferry cruise and it was really fun!
the pang pang show was very entertaining and although they don't speak much (it's mostly body language), sometimes they would throw in korean words here and there and my sisters and i would be the only ones laughing hahaha. 
i definitely recommend taking the pang pang show cruise if you decide to take a ferry cruise.
it's also a nice way to see the night scene of seoul.
we took e-land cruise 
everything's kind of small but that's korea in all its night scene glory

and then we had to brave the cold back to the subway station hahaha.
went back to the hotel and called it a night watching korean television hahaha.

day three update tmr :)


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