Thursday, July 9, 2015

bay trip!

well, i'm kind of bad at keeping up with blogging huh haha.
i used to have a lot of motivation but this year i guess i just haven't been feeling it as much haha.
and i also haven't been traveling as much so i don't have as much to blog about when i'm not going on trips every month.
i did go to new york city in may though but i just never got down to blogging about it haha.
but since we went to san francisco last weekend, i figured that i would blog about it since it's a new city that i haven't been to in a long long time.

when i think of san francisco, i think of going home to singapore because i usually take a flight from salt lake to san francisco and then from san francisco back to singapore.
and i couldn't tell you the last time i actually was in san francisco exploring the city.
it has probably been 15 years or so and i was young so i just followed my parents around haha.
so it was definitely fun to explore and re-discover the city now that i'm older. 

we got in on thursday night and took a super shuttle to our hotel.
which by the way, super shuttle is so high-tech now haha. 
you can check in from your phone when you land and then they give you directions on how to exit the terminal and get to the shared vans pick up point.
and then when you get there, you click check in again and they assign you a van number so you know which van to look for. you can also track the van on the map.
and then you stand there and wait for about 5 minutes and you're on your way. 
i hadn't taken a shuttle in a long time and so i had forgotten how crazy the drivers are haha.
the driver was going so fast and there were quite a few moments when i seriously thought i was going to die haha.
but we made it to the hotel in one piece.
and when we got to the lift lobby, we pushed the button and the elevator opens and my crazy friends were in there going, "charlotte!"
haha what great timing.
we got to our hotel room, settled in and then went to bed pretty quickly to charge up for the next day.

friday, our first day.
we slept in till 8 ish and then left the hotel at 10 a.m. or so.
we walked to this breakfast place that we yelped that had good reviews only to find it closed.
and so part of our group decided to have breakfast at a place round the corner and the rest of us decided to head over to brenda's for some beignets. i had read up on it before the trip so i was determined to try it haha.
apparently everyone had the same idea and so the line was superrrrr long!
we waited around for a little bit after putting our name down and then decided that it would be faster to just do take out.
so we did and then just walked over to some benches outside the federal building and sat and chatted and ate our breakfast. it was perfect.
we got the crawfish beignets and the andouille sausage and cheddar omelette.
posing with their beignets - it was very windy haha 
the inside - it was oozing with goodness hahaha and actually tasted a little bit like curry puff haha
the omelette was yummy too! we were very satisfied with our breakfast

after breakfast we took a slow walk over back to market street to take the vintage street car to fisherman's wharf.
city hall // tree-lined path that reminded me of nami island haha 
on the vintage street car that got increasingly crowded so we were lucky we were one of the first few people to board

we spent our afternoon biking across the golden gate bridge and into sausalito.
it was crazy windy and the sun was intense too.
we seriously biked for a super super long time and it was quite the workout for sure haha. 
it was a big group of us so i think we were blocking the way half the time hahaha.
trying to get a photo of all of us on our bikes 
we stopped a few times on our way to the bridge to get a photo of us with the golden gate bridge but it was way too foggy to see anything 
and then we biked over and lo and behold, the view was amazing from the sausalito side - yay!
judging from my outfit, you can just imagine what amazing tan lines i have now haha 
biking across the bridge. the professional cyclists were such jerks and kept getting annoyed at our pace/would pass us on the left really close since there wasn't a lot of space and yeah. seriously, it's a tourist attraction! if you're so professional, bike somewhere else. do us and do yourself a favor.  
the view at the end of our bike ride - no more fog on this side

and then we biked into downtown sausalito and just explored the cute little town.
we got their famous ice cream while waiting to get seated for real food since it was crowded everywhere.
and then we had tacos for our late lunch at copita tequileria y comida.
the service was good (except they didn't give us menus for a really long time - we just sat there confused eating our ice cream and then finally asked for menus) and it was a cute little restaurant.
sam and i got the mahi mahi and the pork belly tacos and split them.
they were tasty!
they had really unique flavors and i liked that. i got the lychee, sam got the guava sorbet and jess got the mango. 
the fried pork belly tacos

and then our plan was to take the ferry back but i guess it was a really busy day and so we had to wait forever for the ferry!
we ended up biking around the town and then finally settling at a spot near the water and just resting haha.
we finally made it onto the ferry at 8 p.m. and were relieved to finally head back to san fran.
just hanging out
coming back 
hair flying all over on the boat deck 
we had one of the workers on board the ferry take a photo of us and he didn't even get our whole group in the photo hahaha 
so we decided to do a selfie instead

we got off the boat and then to our horror, realized that we needed to bike all the way back past pier 39 to drop our bikes back off (we were at pier 1).
and so we went along in one straight line, super tired and with achy butts, all the way back to drop off our bikes.
thankfully though we were biking not walking because biking makes the distance a lot shorter for sure. 
we finally dropped our bikes off and then headed to the pub bbq for dinner and called it a night. so tired!

saturday, day two.
we slept in till 8 ish once again, woke up and got ready to head out for the day.
we started with breakfast at mel's drive in for some classic american diner breakfast/brunch.
you could tell we were so tired though because energy levels were low and no one was really talking hahaha.
the breakfast was pretty good.
sam and i split the lumberjack ham with pancakes and hashbrowns.

after breakfast, we headed over to the signature painted ladies.
i mean, you can't miss this when you come to san francisco, "what happened to predictability? the milk man? the paper boy?"
they were honestly less pretty in real life but still a pretty sight.
it was nice to see the city skyline popping out behind 
alamo square park

headed over to chinatown after that where we shopped for useless things, drank not so great boba drinks, stood in line forever for egg tarts (that were overrated and i didn't like them at all) at the golden gate bakery.
but at least we fit in in that part of town hahaha.
 this building in the second photo reminded me of the flatiron building in nyc
the egg tart - i didn't like the flaky pastry at all

from chinatown, we headed over to lombard street and oh my, climbing that hill is killer!
it was so steep i have no idea how people bike around san fran haha.
we finally made it up there and the sun is right in your face so you can't really get any nice photos of lombard street.
nonetheless, it is pretty and iconic.
the view from the bottom 
 we did get a gorgeous view of the city though
here's the crooked street - one of the turns

we headed back to chinatown after to have dinner and once again, the food was okay only haha.
i think we need to do more research next time and do chinatown right haha.
how can chinatown have such average asian food hahaha.
after dinner, we slowly walked over to pier 39 and joined the crowds.
we still had quite a bit of time before the fireworks and so we went and got clam chowder from fog harbor fish house (i mean, how can you go to san fran and not get the clam chowder right?)
i'm so glad we did because it was probably my favorite part of the trip.
it was so so so so good even though we had to do takeout and just stand by the water to eat it with the wind blowing against our faces hahaha.
after that, we just went and sat down and waited for the fireworks, which were really meh by the way because it was too foggy.
seafood by the bay is just different and so good!
i think the fireworks were probably worse than even utah so...

after the fireworks, we went to ghiradelli square to get away from the crowd trying to get home and got yummy sundaes!
and then there was no public transportation running after and so we had to uber our way back to the hotel.
the roads were so packed we took half an hour to get back but i'm glad we were able to uber our way back or we would have had to walk forever to get back haha.
happy campers with our ice cream

sunday, day three.
we woke up pretty early to get some breakfast before heading to the airport.
us three asians decided to split up from the group again and headed to a vietnamese restaurant (hai ky mi gia) to get our bak chor mee fix.
so glad we did because it was very satisfying and we even got to eat youtiao with doujiang! the best!
look at how good that looks 

and there you go, #sanfranciscogirlstrip #4thofjulyweekend
by the time we got to the airport no one was talking and we all knocked out on the plane hahaha.
and all through monday and tuesday i was still feeling the exhaustion haha.
i think the friday biking killed us all hahaha.
but it was a really fun trip nonetheless and there was so much to do and too little time so i'll have to do san francisco again some time soon.
till then, i'll be missing the clam chowder.


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