Wednesday, December 30, 2015


besides blogging about my korea trip in january, i blogged a total of 5 times this year. oops.
guess this year was really uneventful? just kidding. i probably just got lazy haha. 
i've been wanting to do an end of year blog post for a few weeks now and i've obviously been procrastinating.
and then i realized, it's dec 30th!
it's NYE tomorrow which means i don't have any more time left to spare.
i was going to blog over the christmas break but i seriously fell sick right after christmas and have been spending a lot of time in bed.

2015 went by so fast and i seriously don't even remember what happened this year already.
thankfully, i try my best to document events through photos and so here's a little photo recap of some of the fun times this year:

  • quality time with the siblings to kick off the new year - it was awesome having the whole family in town to countdown to the new year. we are kind of crazy when we're altogether haha. 
  • welcoming baby colin to this world! and then finally meeting him after 11 months!

  • learning how to snowboard from the yellow monster - this resulted in epic butt sore and a whole body ache really. 
the view is really pretty 
this yellow monster laughing at my noob-ness haha
  • learning to make pineapple tarts. chinese new year is just around the corner and i'm excited to make pineapple tarts again!
  • having 9 out of 10 cousins present for chinese new year. almost full attendance!
  • spending lots of quality time with #kinghenry before they moved to arkansas.

  • trying out new workout classes such as pilates and anti-gravity yoga.
  • patrice moved to utah!
  • gaining the best work BFFs ever!
  • annual trip to the city
  • finally visiting the lavender fields
  • attending the wedding of one of my favorite people ever!
  • attending my baby sister's graduation!
  • countless hang outs with these two constants in my life. my favorite outings are when we go to the movies and then get froyo/gelato and spend forever discussing the movie hahaha. 

  • countless funny conversations in our family group chat
  • attending a BYU game for the first time (oops) with these people
  • sky lanterns and experiencing a scene just like the one in tangled
  • running the disneyland 10K with the disney girls! best way to do a 10K ever!
  • finally visiting the san diego temple and getting to attend the sealing of dear felicia
  • continuing to have the best boss ever!
  • Grand Canyon trip with my parents!
  • Prop 1 campaign consuming my life at work and in general for three months
  • many many dinner parties with my favorite people

and that's a wrap!
looking forward to a new year and the exciting things it brings.
for now, i just want this cold to go away first.
hope you all have a good countdown with family and loved ones!


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