Saturday, April 23, 2016


i slept till 11 a.m. this morning and it was oh so glorious.
i seriously cannot remember the last time i slept in on a saturday because we seriously always have something going on on saturday.
i work like crazy monday-friday (with occasional social stuff after work) and then the weekends are packed to the max and so i just feel tired all the time. 
this weekend, i decided that i would seriously do absolutely nothing but nua and watch my drama haha. 
it's seriously been so long since i've watched a drama haha. and the drama i've been wanting to watch just finished so it was perfect timing.
and guess what, i received a text this morning to go out to dim sum and also a text this evening to go check out the tulip festival haha. there is seriously always something going on. it's never ending. 

but, i resisted and stuck to my original plan hehe.
and woohoo, i slept in, finished my drama (i've been watching a few episodes here and there over the week and binge watched the rest of it last night and this afternoon haha) and even went to the gym haha. 
the drama (태양의후예) was sooooo good by the way. 송중기~ 어머~ 진짜 진짜 잘 생겼어! i've liked him since a really really long time ago cause of running man and now i have to 'share' him with all the other girls. sigh haha. it's good that people are taking notice of him though i guess hahaha but people are really so slow. 
his character in the drama was so manly and cute at the same time - just like him. he seriously has the perfect mixture of boyish charm and manliness haha. 나도 유시진 하나 주세요.
what is there not to like? seriously haha.

we're coming up on the end of april.
this month passed super quickly as well and i think next month is going to pass super quickly as well because there is so much going on next month too with my family coming into town and all. but that also means harry potter world is just around the corner. omg so so so excited!
BYU graduation was this past thursday and friday and omg, i just cannot believe the semester went by so quickly and some of our friends graduated with their master's - yay so happy for them but not excited for them to leave. going to miss them so so much!
we had dinner with the usuals on tuesday night to celebrate the end of finals for the school kids and also to stuff out faces with our favorite 水煮鱼 again. 
after eating dinner we just chatted forever and seriously laughed so hard. i'm going to miss that so much. it's not everyday you find people who share the same sense of humor as you and who you can talk about everything with.

anyway, here's what we've been busy with:
1. easter weekend was full of relief society-related things. we started the saturday morning with a relief society birthday party followed by the women's broadcast at night. and then on sunday, i had to teach relief society and so it was just relief society nonstop all weekend haha, and then on monday night, after easter was over (haha), we had an egg battle during fhe. 
egg salad sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, hotdog buns, chips, brownies, lemonade. party style! 
celebrating 174 years of RS 
happy RS sisters 
mormon family feud - which was so so fun haha 
what's a birthday party without a pinata? it was seriously so so funny to see everyone try to hit it haha. don't mess with these girls haha. 
it's always nice to watch the women's broadcast at the conference center and feel the spirit 
our colorful eggs

2. general conference weekend was the perfect combination of spiritual food, rest and lots of real food haha. 
짜장면+탕수육 for lunch in between sessions
jess came over for the second session and we pigged out before it started haha 
cheryl came over after the second session and we made curry puffs! and it was such a success! omg so so so good! tasted just like home! 
i love our hangouts and our attempts to recreate food from home! 
we even made a black pepper chicken version!

3. finally got to catch the cherry blossoms by the capitol this year and it was absolutely beautiful!
the photos definitely don't do it any justice

4. ada & brian's farewell ;(. we actually planned for just bowling and dinner but ended up spending the whole saturday together since we had a bbq that afternoon too. wouldn't have had it any other way. they are the best people to hang out with.  
the bairds were so generous and opened up their house for us to have our bbq and brother baird worked so hard at the grill too! so thankful for them.  
the group. it was such perfect weather too. 
the cutest couple who never fail to make the atmosphere hilarious 
it was the first time we were bowling as a group and we seriously just laughed and cheered each other on and it was so so fun! we were like the loudest people in the bowling alley haha. i don't know how people are so quiet while they bowl haha
going to miss this group and our laughter so much! all the more reason to go visit ada and brian in NYC haha

other random photos from the month (mostly from FHE):
we played a series of games for FHE and one of them was this post-it game where you had to shake the post-its off haha
bowling for natalie's farewell. it was a lot of fun and we were mostly focused on chatting and eating the snacks we brought haha. we seriously do have a good FHE group even if we're small. 
strawberries are super cheap now so i made strawberry jelly hearts cheesecake for bowling. quinton said i'm now on my way to becoming a good mormon wife since i've got the jello down haha. next up, funeral potatoes and then this weird thing called frog eye salad that he was telling me about haha. 
finally got to meet dearest kersti for lunch (we used to do monthly lunches all the time post-mission but life has just gotten crazy) and it was so so so good! she always manages to help me let all my feelings out and feel so at ease. we will resume these monthly lunches!

that's all for this month's update.
thankful for the adventures month after month.
asian ward just split and so we've been separated from our friends since we live so up north. and like i mentioned last month, our little group of the usuals are splitting up since everyone is graduating/moving and so i guess it's a time of transition and it's time for new friends and new adventures so we'll see where the next few months take us. 
time to step out of that comfort zone.
the weather's been getting warmer too although it's utah and so we'll get teased with warm weather and then it'll rain/snow and get cold again randomly haha.
here's hoping we don't get any more snow haha.
i'm ready for shorts and sandals!

i've also been obsessed lately with the idea of cutting my hair shorter haha.
my hair has grown out a little since i last cut it in february and i don't know why but i keep wanting to go shorter haha. 
and the supporting female lead in the drama i just watched had short hair and it looks so good i'm so tempted to cut to that length.
i think my short hair obsession is so funny cause i've always been a long hair kind of girl but look how cute that looks haha. 

anyway, i'm so sleepy even though i nua-ed all day so i'm off to bed!


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