Saturday, June 4, 2016


May was quite a month.
in fact, i am so exhausted i'm planning to stay away from social things for awhile.
i'm seriously struggling to get back into the groove of things and i feel super sleep deprived. 
i made sure that i could just chill this weekend though so i got to sleep in this morning and then went to liz's bridal shower, came home, packed my room, did laundry, ironed my clothes, etc. and now i'm just catching up on blogging. feels so good!

so the reason why May was crazy was cause my parents were in town for two weeks and then my older sister was in town for the whole month.
and in one month, i went to zion national park, california and vegas (x2). all while working full-time too.
and since the family was in town, we tried to make full use of our time together which meant that i would work a full day and then we would meet up for dinner and an activity. 
which meant that i didn't get home/to bed till late and then had to wake up early in the morning for another full day of work.
it was a pretty crazy schedule but it was definitely nice to have the family around and to spend time together. 
since there isn't a ton to do in utah, we did everything from mini golf to laser tag to bowling to escape key and it just reminded me that what matters is the company and not the activity. 

so here are a few photos from the long and exhausting month (because i'm too exhausted to write a proper blog post haha):
one of the first dinners we had when my parents came 
 my mother was surprisingly good in mini golf haha
the fam bam playing mini golf 
we decided to take a trip to zion national park since my parents like pretty scenery and nature stuff 
i always make my older sister do dancey poses with me since we both did ballet for like 13 and a half years. 
i honestly loved all the moments of laughter we enjoyed as a family 
jump shots are another family tradition 
BFF's baby in the cute chinese outfit i got him! 
dim sum in vegas
we asked my dad to order egg tarts to go and instead of 4 egg tarts he ordered four orders of egg tarts = a dozen egg tarts haha. 
we did the impossible room at escape key and managed to solve it! my dad is really good at thinking things through logically and he was probably the biggest reason we were able to crack this room haha. 
dinner with the yows+cheryl. i love how they're in the same ward as us in singapore but it takes us all being in a different country together to get together for dinner. 
it was nice for us the kids to get together too cause we don't get together enough even though we're all in utah.   
we had our family photos taken since we were all in the same country and ali did an awesome job! the last time we had our family photos taken was when i got home from my mission so i'm glad we were able to get new photos taken.
potluck with the old group of usuals. it's been too too long. 
video call with branon. can't believe he's been gone for 2 months now! 
celebrating keith's birthday. we surprised him at his house with his favorite cake and his reaction was so so good! it was like he saw a ghost haha. we seriously should have taken a video but we were so preoccupied with trying to make sure we lighted all the candles before he came out of the room haha. 
"I AM HO" haha. reunion with jaymie and tiff. so happy to have tiff in town for the summer!
we did a sisters' trip to cali since my older sister was in town for a month. we went to universal studios since we wanted to go to harry potter world that just opened in california. 
not really sure what scooby doo had against me haha. 
"it's so fluffy i'm going to dieeeee" 
we managed to do both universal studios and disney. Zootopia is like my latest disney obsession haha. i love flash haha and my sisters bought a flash plush for me haha.
we learned how to draw one of my favorite characters ever - baymax! 
KBBQ - omg we ate soooo much! the thinly sliced samgyeopsal was seriously my favorite!
can't not have half and half when you're in california. wish they had it in utah.  
the night we talked till past midnight at the bayou and laughed so so so hard! hard not to when you talk about your youth days and realize how stupid all the drama was haha.
we found a hainanese chicken rice place in vegas!!! thanks jarell for the recommendation. craving satisfied, esp. since all three of us are hainanese too! 
us at flock and fowl 
playing around at circus circus after all the shopping and eating haha. sam is seriously so lucky! she won all the prizes in this picture haha. 

and there you go, May in photos.
i only selected a few out of all the photos too so yeah, it was an exhausting month but so fun as well! 
and now we're already in june and very soon we'll be moving into the second half of the year. ahh! omg.
it's my birthday month this month too but i'm seriously so tired to even plan anything at all. guess i'm getting too old hahaha. 
june, let's go!



  1. Awesome photos! Funny Scooby decided to backhand you.

    1. Yes! And my sisters did not help me whatsoever sigh hahaha...