Saturday, August 13, 2016


July went by REALLY fast.
Okay, I feel like I say that every month but really.
I seriously am having a hard time even remembering what happened in July. 
And that is why I'm grateful that there are photos to remember me of key events :)

There were two long weekends in July and we stayed in town both long weekends.
Super unlike me but i've just been so so so so so tired recently that it felt so good to stay in town those two long weekends.
I got to rest, read books, chill with friends, clean my house, etc.
It definitely felt good!
During the Pioneer Day long weekend, we took a little trip up to Park City with Blair to check out the alpine slide and alpine coaster.
It was really really fun actually and we got lots of sun haha.
Actually, we got lots of sun the whole day cause after that we headed over to the 2nd ward activity where we played water games and had a slip and slide.
Water balloon fights during hot summer days are seriously like the best!
getting excited for our turn haha
blair and sam getting buckled into the alpine coaster 
our view going up. i really loved the alpine coaster cause it was an amazing view and honestly, what is there not to like about a mountain rollercoaster! and you can control your speed too! you can push the lever down for faster speed so it was actually super fun!
us taking the ski lift up to the top of the alpine slide 
us making scared faces hahaha
the alpine slide
us dragging our slides haha
sam and blair sliding down
them at the end of the slide haha
the only photo i took from our slip and slide activity hahaha - this was only like half of it haha

Since we're right in the heat of the summer, we've also been spending quite a bit of time hiking as well. 
In July, we hiked Cecret Lake on a random Saturday and it was a pretty easy hike.
The flowers are in bloom too so that was pretty.
The only downside was that the parking up by the trailhead was full so we had to park pretty far down and take the shuttle up. And the shuttle only ran every 20 minutes and could only take very few people each time. 
So we had to wait a little more than an hour for the shuttle and so it just made the whole hike seem super long with the wait time, shuttle time up and down.
And so we got hungry while hiking, etc. haha
But the view was pretty good so I guess we can't complain much. 
the lake 
jess and i 
sam and i
we spotted this random rock so we decided to climb to the top and take photos hahaha 
pretty flowers with a great backdrop 
you can't leave out the jump shot 

We were starving by the time we got back to the car and so we ended up picking whatever we felt would be the fastest when it came to lunch haha.
Ate pretty quick, bought ingredients from the store, showered, cooked and then went to the chinese cultural night our ward was having.
After which we went to cheerr on our ward in their basketball games and it was really fun!
I seriously get too crazy when it comes to cheering for basketball hahaha. 
All that experience I gained cheering for my bballer friends in sec four hahaha. 
The guys in our ward were really good and so that made it so much more fun to cheer for them.
And I don't know what is it about basketball in the asian culture but guys who play basketball well just look that much better hahahaha. 

In July, I also got to attend two of my favorite korean friends' wedding.
I've known them for 8 years now and they've been dating this whole time so when they told me they were getting married I was like FINALLY haha. 
It was a really intimate ceremony with a small group of family and close friends.
It was at a golf course high up and so the view was so pretty!
celebrating doosan and sora~  and omg, isn't her dress so so so pretty!
the actual ceremony
the bride and groom's first dance for the night 
with the gorgeous bride 
the girls from the original clique (missing amy!) 
sora's cute little nephew~ 
this time with the groom as well. liz's boyfriend takes photos from all different angles hahaha. 
it's funny how we met both our first semesters in college and we didn't talk to each other until we had a korean class together our second semester haha

and then there were other food gatherings here and there during the month - typical asian haha.
food truck run before our taiwanese movie night 
sunday games at the park after a potluck dinner at blair's 
 LAKSA! it's been awhile and it always tastes good haha
dinner at the mandarin with sarah after we pulled up to the bountiful temple and realized it was closed for temple cleaning sigh haha 
we got to eat ty's homemade pho twice in the month and omg, so so so good! 
dinner at our favorite spot 
dinner with the usual 水煮鱼 crew plus new people who we invited to join us 
my dates to coworker weddings

And there you have it, July.
I feel like I did a lot more things but I guess I didn't do as good a job documenting it as I thought haha. 
We had the fauxlympics between the two asian wards and I think that kept us very busy each week but I didn't take any photos at those sporting events. 
And now we're halfway into August and already it's been busy busy!
More on that when I blog about it next month haha.


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