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We're only 8 days away from the end of October and I'm just barely getting down to blogging about September.
And it's not like I've been crazy busy haha. I've just been... lazy haha.
Sam is back in Singapore and I've literally just been nua-ing big time and it feels so good even though it's quite unproductive haha. 

A lot of fun things happened in September though so there's actually lots to write about. 
There were fun trips but also sad goodbyes.
This is seriously like the year of goodbyes or something. I keep having to say goodbye to my friends who keep moving. And I'm... still here. 
It's got me thinking a lot about stuff but I think this is still where I need to be... for now. 

the first goodbye was sora.
she moved to delaware to be with her husband doosan.
said goodbye to my longtime korean friend of 8 years! but glad that she can be reunited with doosan! it's funny cause she was telling us about how they would FaceTime everyday and doosan would say, "you've been lying to me this whole time right? you don't actually want to move here" hahaha
and of course we had a big feast
we ate all that
and even had dessert after hahaha - yummy cakes that sora bought from whole foods 
and then we had a lot of fun playing with Snow Cam filters hahaha
and then we had a second farewell right before sora left since liz couldn't make it to the first one. this freshman group of girlfriends will not be the same again. this was also the night we laughed about 비행기 태우지 마세요. 아이구 ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

the second goodbye was my dearest yellow monster cheryl woo.
she moved back to singapore our homeland and we had an epic farewell spending all day roaming the streets of san francisco haha. 
drove across the golden gate bridge and started our grand tour up on hawk hill for a grand view of the golden gate bridge plus the city skyline
"everyone has a friend during each stage of life but only lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life." that's definitely how i feel about our friendship. even now that she's back in singapore, we still keep in touch and talk about everything under the sun over whatsapp and it's wonderful. 
we got hungry after exploring and so we headed to codmother fish and chips near fisherman's wharf to get our food. the food did not disappoint! i love seafood!
headed to billy goat hill after lunch and got lost a little but found a cute little bench with a good view 
the reason why we wanted to go to billy goat hill - to locate this swing. but unfortunately, no luck because someone had cut the swing down and that blue string was all that was left. we were so sad.  
the view was still pretty awesome though 
and here's cheryl being typical cheryl haha 
i'm not even exaggerating when i say the place was super windy!
made a quick stop at mitchell's ice cream for some amazing ube ice cream. made me one happy happy girl 
we decided to visit a campus and stanford was our pick. the campus is huge and just driving around the campus made me feel like my college life was not real because you can walk from one end of the BYU campus to another haha. 
wrapped up the night with the ultimate singaporean girls reunion. it was good timing that aiwen was visiting san fran when cheryl and i planned this san fran farewell trip. and then jess joined us from san jose since she's close by. 

here are some highlights from the rest of the san fran trip:
 eating authentic singapore food (hawkers and ingredients flown in from singapore) at singapore day was definitely a huge highlight! hokkien mee~~~
the funny part was, the weather was totally singapore weather too. it was crazy!
i love this quote because singapore was literally made from nothing and look how far we've come
check out the roti prata man flipping the prata like a boss haha
the prettiest sunset 
the best grilled oysters ever at hog island oyster co 
amazing croissants from arsicault - we actually got up early in the morning to stand in line for these and everyone else did the same thing so that's how good they were. we got there half an hour before it opened and we were like 15 people behind already.
we went to the presidio neighborhood on sunday and found andy goldsworthy's wood line - eucalyptus branches placed in a zig zag pattern. it was pretty and a nice sunday walk. 

i have many many other photos from our san fran trip but i still have lots to blog about so i figured i should just choose a few photos. 
right after i came back from san fran, i attended the utah tourism conference in midway.
the conference was okay haha. we had one inspirational speaker the last day of the conference though and that was probably my favorite. his name is chad hymas - definitely check out some of his talks. 
i liked being in the midway area though and enjoying all that it had to offer.
sam came out to hang out with me after my first day and we took a little fall hike up cascade springs since it was close by.
oh how i love the fall colors.
the gorgeous leaves 
the drive up to the trailhead was much prettier but the leaves here were pretty too! 
sam and all the fallen leaves 
it was a super easy walk too so that was nice
on the last day of the tourism conference, we made reservations for the crater swim since we were in the area. the water is super warm and i don't know if they put some sort of scent in the water but it actually smells really good.
i just realized that we were in midway twice in the month of sept. here's us in midway for swiss days over labor day weekend.

other september happenings:
1. we celebrated dearest brison's birthday! with 水煮鱼 of course and a yummy chocolate mousse cake from gourmandise. we sure love this boy!
happy birthday BJ! 
水煮鱼 crew
having more fun with Snow Cam haha

2. ward campout up spanish fork canyon.
all i can say is camping should be done in the summer!
we got there kind of late cause i had a lot of work to finish and so it was dark by the time we got there.
made s'mores by the fire.
i didn't have to make my own cause the yoos insisted that shunta make me one hahahaha and then they made him present it to me. omg i died laughing.
played mahjong for a little bit after and then chilled and sang songs by the fire while jared played the guitar and then got ready for bed around 2?
we slept in the tent for like 2 hours ish and then it was too cold so we migrated to the car where we slept for like 2 hours more and then bailed as soon as the sun was up haha. 
blurry photo but here's the s'mores presentation ceremony hahahaha. 
singing by the fire

3. ivan & jubilee's wedding - this was the night after we got back from the ward campout. we literally just slept in the afternoon, lazed around and then headed to the wedding.
 水煮鱼 crew (minus jason cause he abandoned us for a bit) at the wedding
after the wedding we headed home and watched a movie and ate cake haha

4. sunday 짜장면 and poke dinner at ty's
i love love love  짜장면. thanks jeena!
played mahjong for a little bit after dinner because jeena and ben wanted to learn.

5. RS bulgogi making night
trying our best to become domestic goddesses haha. sister byon was so nice and taught us how to cook bulgogi~

and there you go, my september update!
well, at least all that i can remember based on the photos hahaha.
i need to be better at documenting everything since my memory is getting so super bad.
and very soon, i'll have to do an october update too haha. 
till then.


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