Tuesday, November 29, 2016

十 + 十一月;

so, I skipped blogging last month cause honestly, my October really wasn't that exciting at all haha.
sam was back in Singapore so I was all by myself.
AND, I had to work a lot and then I fell sick and so yeah, I spent lots and lots of time at home just resting and then working and then resting and then working haha.
I looked in my photo album for October and it was an epic little amount of photos in there haha. 

here are some photos to remember my October by haha:
laksa party post-general conference 
水煮鱼 group minus jarell 
maggie's farewell dinner before she left for Boston - what did I say about all my good friends moving away? sigh. 
Disney girls family dinner at Sarah's where we of course dined with Mickey plates and utensils, etc. and then we had s'mores over the fire (I tried to lecture sarah about wood burning and of course she's all, "I do what I want.") 
Sarah's roommate has a hedgehog for a pet haha oh my 
水煮鱼 over Halloween weekend cause Jarell was back in town 
random shopping escapades with Jason and Baby T who is sitting in a baby chair reading a baby book haha 
my 2016 Halloween costume - I was super lazy this year but I think it worked out well :) 
our Harry Potter themed booth at the UDOT conference - I'm super excited for our Christmas card this year! 
Steven and I at the UDOT conference - he's my one friend who also works closely with UDOT and so of course we see each other at UDOT things haha

November was the real fun month, mostly because I got to go to New York and catch up with some of my favorite people in the world.
I was randomly looking at tickets and found JetBlue tickets to NYC for $177 so of course I had to go!
also, I hadn't taken my annual NYC trip this year yet so I was like YOLO. 
best decision ever!
the weeks leading up to the vacation were crazy crazy crazy at work though and I almost forgot about my vacation!
I was seriously scheduling photo shoot stuff and then realized, crap I'm not even going to be around and then panicked and had to make other arrangements.
it was stressful but I made it!

I took a red eye flight and arrived at 5:50 a.m. in the morning.
I thought for sure that I would have to take a nap some time during the day but guess what, I was out all day until like midnight and then didn't get to bed till like 1:30 a.m. after washing up, etc. 
I started the day by washing up and getting ready after a night of flying, and then I headed to TriBeCa for brunch with Justine & Maya at Sarabeth's.
So so good to catch up with two dear friends of mine who I know from different points in my life who happen to be in the same ward in the city and somehow made the connection that they both know me haha.
the beautiful view right before we landed and right after we landed 
lemon ricotta pancakes! justine and maya both got different types of omelettes and we all shared and the omelettes were REALLY good. 
loved catching up and talking about life. 
my cute friends from across the platform - they were headed back uptown and I was headed to Brooklyn.

spent the afternoon at the Brooklyn holiday flea market with Pam & Ko where they were furniture shopping.
and then we just roamed around Brooklyn till like dinnertime.
I had never really explored Brooklyn much before and I liked it.
it's not as crowded as Manhattan and there are so many cute little boutiques. pretty unique.
unfortunately, we forget to take photos oops.

Pam & Ko dropped me off at Ktown where I met up with Ada & Brian!!!
they waited for me forever and I was so excited to see them!
we ordered a couple of dishes and just shared.
and then we just talked and talked and talked and laughed so so so hard! it's been a very very long time since I've laughed that much.
we seriously just click and everytime we're together it's always nonstop laughter with all our random topics of conversation haha. 
we seriously laugh about the most random things - like Brian looking sad sitting at the table alone by himself while waiting for Ada & I to go get food haha.
we talked like forever considering that we didn't leave till like close to midnight haha. thankfully that was not the only time we were going to see each other and we could continue our conversations the next day haha. 
churros with ice cream!

so that was my super tiring day one.
but I had a great night's sleep and was all set the next day. 
woke up to this view. and haha, you gotta love the noises of the city that wake you up.  
met up with Karen for lunch at the pokespot where we had amazing poke. it was so so so good! and it's always fun catching up with Karen when i'm in town. funny how we first got to know each other in secondary school when we were just 14/15? and now we're all grown up and living overseas, etc. and she's getting married. grateful to still be able to keep in touch after all these years though. 
headed down to washington square park for a little walk+people watching and it was super happening since it was a sunday. there were lots of performances going on in the park and it was so fun to sit for a little bit and just people watch.

took a slow walk down to chinatown area to meet up with Ada & Brian.
we checked out a food exhibit at the museum of chinese in america and it was kind of interesting to learn about the history of the chinese people in america.
the food exhibit part was not as impressive as we expected but that's okay.
and then we headed over to the Brooklyn Bridge to continue my tradition of walking the bridge each time I'm in town haha. 
we went right as the sun was setting so the view was beautiful!
one of my favorite cities - seriously, look at that skyline 
aww my favorite NYC couple! look how picture perfect they are together! 
people were not good at taking photos for us and the wind would not cooperate with my hair. sigh.  
so we couldn't get any good photos of the three of us. 
ended the night with dinner at wok wok where we stuffed out faces with good Singaporean/Malaysian food.. the satay and roti canai were so legit. and we just love the popcorn chicken haha. we were struggling to finish our food though cause we ordered so much haha. 

and then after dinner when we had to go our separate ways, we seriously had such a hard time saying goodbye.
we kept making sad faces and giving each other another goodbye hug and yet another goodbye hug haha.
I seriously miss them so much!
why are we so far apart!
so anyway, we seriously stood outside the subway station for another hour just chatting and not wanting to say goodbye.
and then I was like, actually, I can just take the 6 train with you guys up to grand central and then transfer trains to get back.
haha and so that's how we prolonged our time together.
seriously, that's when you know your friendship is amazing. 
and then we had to say goodbye for real :(
can't wait to go back there and see them again soon.

the rest of my NYC trip was a lot of food, shopping, central park, etc.
I just realized the post is getting long so here's one last NYC photo:
central park with all the fall leaves was really pretty

so NYC was magical and then I had to come back and here are some other November happenings:
tosh ramen and sweetaly with jaymie - we never make enough time for each other even though we live in the same city but when we do, it's always great. jaymie, next meet-up in december, okay? haha 
running man with these people 
there were legit way too many people playing the name tag elimination game but it was fun! 
annual P2 bowlfet where I scored my best score to date - 154! 
thanksgiving lunch followed by an afternoon of mahjong and then a night of black friday shopping into the wee hours of the morning and it was freezing! -8 degrees celsius! 
November 水煮鱼 dinner with Jarell in town for thanksgiving and we decided to count how many times we've been this year and we've been there at least once a month consistently since Mar so a total of 9 times now! let's see how long we can keep this tradition going haha. 
I started painting cause it looked like fun and I'm not good since I just started but I'm getting there. it's actually pretty fun and therapeutic to just sit and paint. 

and there you go, October and November in a really really long post haha.
and we're headed into December.
how did Christmas come so quickly!
and winter also randomly just came and it's freezing now. we got a ton of snow yesterday and it's just going to keep snowing from now onwards.
it's all pretty and winter wonderland-y when it first starts but I'm going to hate my life by January haha. 
I'm really excited for Christmas break though cause I have time off left to take and so I'll be on vacation Dec 22nd till next year. seriously can't wait.


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