Monday, April 10, 2017

time is love;


i haven't really had the motivation to blog lately.
although i do get a reminder from time to time that i do have at least one faithful reader who likes to read my blog posts (hi john haha).
it's funny cause i seem to go through phases by years haha. last year i was good at blogging each month. but the previous year i was terrible at it.
so i guess it's an every other year pattern kind of thing? haha.

well, i'm sick again.
and when i'm sick, that's the only time my days and nights, weekdays and weekends are not filled with one thing after another.
and looking at my schedule, april and may are fully packed which means i probably should catch up on blogging niw.

it's april. how did we get here so fast?
i feel like it's still mid-february!
and guess what, my family gets here in just a few days' time.
so so so crazy. 
so excited but i feel so tired too. 

i feel like i've done nothing but work work work since i've gotten back from singapore haha.
according to my zodiac reading for the year, this year is supposed to be a really good year for my career which means lots of work and not so great health.
so far, it's been all true but i've been given some really great learning opportunities at work and feel like i just keep learning and learning and i think that's a good thing.

anyway, i looked through my photos to jog my memory and apparently this is what i've been up to outside of work haha (apparently lots. maybe that's why i'm so tired all the time!):
games night post dinner on president's day where bryan introduced us to codenames and changed our lives forever hahahaha 
the group minus a few people who left after dinner 
belated birthday cake for Baby T 
 水煮鱼 january 2017
random sunday photo from when we were planning the singaporean culture night 
caught up with these two after like 9 months haha 
video chatted this one who comes back here in like a month! can't believe a year has already passed! 
gourmandise breakfast on a random saturday morning - so good! 
morning faces haha 
car shopping for Baby T 
it's always nice to win new business when so many hours went into putting together the proposal 
randomly dropping by the BFF's house and meeting new dogs that she dogsits. this poor dog's hair was so long and funny! 
celebrated the disney roommate's birthday and realized she lives like 7 mins away from me haha.  
enjoying pretty sunsets post workouts at night 
developed an obsession with acai bowls from protein foundry 
attended the bridal show at utah fashion week 
tried the amazing lobster roll and chowder fries at slapfish! 
made curry puffs two weekends in a row haha 
codenames game night #2 
水煮鱼 february 2017
bought a new couch! 
hung out at SeaQuest for a work team outing 
codenames games night #3 (haha I told you we were addicted) where our team had an epic win during the last round! and where we got hooked on a new game (avalon) and i will never trust bryan again haha. 
the group 
made Easter treats together with this group! 
and learned that if you don't cut the bunny ears right, you could end up with a bear instead hahaha 
the treats we made! 
bryan cooked seafood with chili crab sauce for us and it was heavenly!!! there were even fried mantous :) 
happy birthday bryan! 
bryan's epic selfie skills as he was trying to rush haha

lots of happy moments with treasured friends!
the next few weeks will be filled with family and hawaii moments. yay!
and then reunions, seattle, bridal showers, weddings, etc.
very soon it will be summer, birthday and half the year gone. 
time seriously waits for no one. 
well, i have a full day of meetings tmr so i guess i better go to bed.


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