Saturday, March 24, 2018

2018 first quarter update;

wow, how has it been so long.
i looked at the title of my last post and it read 'year end adventures' and now we're almost at the end of the first quarter of the year.
needless to say the first quarter of the year has just been hectic.
january feels like a major blur to me - work wasn't super busy but i think i had a lot going on outside of work and was literally just waiting for the month to be over so i can go home to singapore for chinese new year. sorry january.
according to the photos that i have (see, friends, this is why i always have to take photos haha - pics or it didn't happen haha), this is what happened in january/early february before i went home to singapore:
finally got to watch a Broadway show at the Eccles Theater 
had hotpot and played games with the fish group 
made pineapple tarts 
caught up with the medical couple while they were in town 
attended a bunch of events for work 
had a successful EQ/RS activity despite the heavy snow 
lots of team work haha 
light refreshments - musubis and fried rice balls 
laksa night with our married friends 
random video call with the older sister featuring hilarious filters haha 
love hanging out with becka when she's in town 
finally caught up for dinner with these two // my panda outfit gift for baby fitzgerald 
random sunday fun with cute cute kalia and felicia <3

and then february was just pure bliss since most of it was spent in singapore!
so much eating involved as always and lots of family time playing games, etc. 
also a time for me to be ever grateful for my friends who i only see once a year but who always make the effort to still meet.
cause you know how if you don't meet up often or make it a point to keep in touch you just drift away and you don't really feel the need to prioritize that person anymore?
well, it's never like that with my singapore friends and that's when i know i have true friends for life!
this year instead of "when are you getting married?" i actually got more "when are you moving back?" questions and honestly, i feel a lot more loved when i get more of the latter question cause the first question is just plain kpo but with the second question i can feel their concern and their wanting me to be back so we can see each other more. 

this year was also the year our cousins clan on the paternal side was basically in full attendance cause maine was back home as well.
feels like it's been forever since we've had everyone in attendance like that.
made me think about when we were young - esp. reunion dinner when we were like oh maine is back, the prawn peeler is on duty then.
those memories.
seriously love my cousins so much!
beautiful sunset flying into san francisco
lunch treat with my mom's godparents - they were so sweet and kept expressing to us that they were so happy to be able to spend time with us 
annual meet-up with this one who is now in vancouver and lovin' life there 
CNY nails for the year of the doggie 
first time meeting baby cayson 
reunion dinner spread 
reunion dinner family photo 
cousins in full attendance! 
codenames time 
super cute CNY macarons 
annual photo with ah po 
with the maternal side cousins  
i don't know why this was such a wide shot haha 
day two outfits 
jc friends // sc friends 
church friends <3
playing tourists 
2nd meet-up with the jc class clique - challenging ourselves to an escape room and apparently picked a super hard one. we're doing the harry potter one next time okay? 
role play murder mystery game set in 1943 old shanghai - it was so fun dressing up and actually going through the crime scene and searching for clues and all 
late night baking on our last night in singapore - doggie cookies for the doggie year 
last family photo of the trip after the airport as always

and then march has been busy busy busy!
work has been so overwhelming since i've been back.
not forgetting that i was deadly ill the first two weeks after i got back from singapore and so that made catching up even worse.
and the work hasn't slowed down. 
it's good to keep busy at work though.
and then i pretty much just chill on the weekends or run errands or declutter/clean haha. 
so here are the photos from march so far haha.
sound of music at the Eccles Theater was amazing! it brought back so many memories of us as young kids watching this show over and over again. i can still memorize so many songs and so many of the scenes. loved it so much! 
dropped by liz's baby shower literally just for a second to pass her a present. and then i didn't let her hug me and wouldn't let her stand too close to me cause i was so sick haha 
cooked laksa for our korean parents and they loved it so much! made pandan cake for dessert and that was a major hit too :)  
march EQ/RS activity where we made budaejigae - the teams had to play games to win the ingredients and it was really fun! 
yummy goodness boiling on the stove 
aaron... always making faces behind me... 
dinner + mahjong at their new place and chef woo (#PandanManZiChar) cooked yummy hor fun for us! so good! also, it had been ages since we played mahjong! keith is still as skillful as before. annoying... haha 
dinner + jordan river temple open house + nielsen's custard with this group = wednesday night well spent. it was such a good mid-week break. 

and there you go, photo overload but it could have been worse (lots of words without photos hahaha).
i still can't believe how fast 2018 is going by.
every year just moves faster and faster - horrifying haha.
april is already packed with many social stuff and it's actually going to be a super Disney-filled month with a Disney reunion with the Disney girls the second weekend of April and then a trip to Disneyland the third weekend (okay i just had to haha).
can't wait can't wait can't wait!


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